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What's New with Dennis Enarson

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Photos & Interview: Joey Cobbs

How did the YouTube channel come about?

The YouTube channel came about because I was hanging out with Colby Raha, he’s a good friend that rides motocross and BMX. He would come down and hang out, we’d go ride and his crew would film and post it on his channel and then I would see the videos and the reach they had, and how dope they were. It was kind of like showing behind the scenes of our lives a little bit. Because on any given day when I get together with my friends, we always want to go do something cool and so Colby just got the cameras out. It's not like filming for a video part or going on a team trip. We’re just farting around in San Diego, but when I would see the footage he would get from stuff that we would normally not even film, the were dope.

And then Mike Jonas was staying at the house and we were talking about how cool it would be to have a YouTube channel of our own. We just made a plan to go out for one day out of our week and I'll just take the footage from that one day and put that out there. The rest of six days are not on film so it's like you still have your normal life.

But then we were talking about how we almost need someone that like lives with us, and is part of the crew, and then right then Blake Peters walked through the door. And we're like, Blake! you want to film make a YouTube channel? We thought he was gonna be like, Nah, F you guys. But he actually was interested! And we're like, really? You really want to do it? And he's like, I think I could do it. No editing skills. Never used a camera like this or nothing. And then within 24 hours we got a new little camera and I think the next day we went out to film a practice one and that ended up being the first episode and we dropped it.

We committed to Friday videos and I think we've only missed one week so far. And so Yeah, that's that was a plan and we've been having a blast.

How long you guys been doing it?

I think it's been 13 episodes. Is that right? Yeah, we got 13 episodes. So we're in month three right now.

And how's it been going?