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The Frogtown Chronicles

Photos: Mike Albright | Story: Scott Towne

Welcome to Frogtown. The Frogtown Classic BMX Days event is the brainchild of early NorCal BMX racer and industry heavy turned filmmaker, Todd Huffman. As a rider who got his start in the early days of the NBA and later the UBR racing organizations, Huffman got the big idea in 2020 to revisit the sacred grounds of an early UBR track, in Angel’s Camp, California. UBR Founder, John Valdez jumped in and got Jon and Cathy Anderson from Spreckels Park BMX in Manteca, CA to run the races and the four were off to create the first event of its kind. The original 1970’s style downhill track was re-constructed on the exact spot, complete with off-camber turns, loose berms and single jumps scattered along the way.

Although the inaugural event in 2021 was flanked by rain and condensed into one day, this year’s event was quite the opposite. Blazing temps and clear skies set the scene, and once the bikes were in motion, the dust likely didn’t settle until the following Wednesday. This year’s track was upgraded with a concrete starting gate pad and improved terrain, including the “S&M Glory Hole” water jump. The last turn was a tricky switchback that decided the outcome of many races.

Saturday’s GT Bicycles bike show, organized by Mark Darcy and Craig Turner, was packed tight with rare and radical BMX machines of the past with custom awards by legend John Crews going to the winners. As Saturday’s events wrapped up, an autograph session went down with a who’s who of BMX stars.

The racing was action-packed. Besides the vintage classes, there was a USA BMX double points race too. The young racers adapted straight away to the