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The US challenge: Worlds Race report

Updated: 5 days ago

The world's racers return to US soil—the birthplace of BMX and the legends that have built the sport into what it has become. Not since 2017 have the Worlds raced on US soil, but seven years later, the world plates were again decided in Rock Hill, SC.

A huge North American presence was felt throughout the week in South Carolina, and with the huge numbers came a continuous stack of world plates to the scoreboard. The US alone secured 52 Medals, 19 of which were World 1s, bringing the black and white American kits to the masses on the webcast and podium.

The US Winners

Andres Andrade - 12 & Under Cruiser Boys

Kicking off the World Challenge main events, Andrade used his Floridian speed to attack the track in 12 & Under Cruiser. As the front runner through the early rounds, with the fastest lap time in his class, he raised his fist in the air across the line and became the first World One in 2024.

Kaiden Ireland - 13-14 Cruiser Boys

Four years since he raced the 24" class, Kaiden Ireland lined up at the gate with little to no training on the bike – Would that stop the Vegas local? Not a chance. Making an impressive run through the knockout stages, Ireland looked cool, calm, and collected down the first straight, grabbing the low line in the turn and towing in his USA teammate Sean Lehew in for the 1-2 US finish. With a powerful bike slam down the finish line runout, Ireland's family, friends, and Supercross teammates could be heard from miles away cheering for their new World One.

Sequoia Gomolicke - 12 & Under Cruiser Girls

Supercross BMX was on fire on the first day of the Worlds, and Scoops saw her sweet treat waiting for her at the finish line. Taking an early spill down the first straight in the first round, Gomolicke bounced back with domination, winning her laps through the rest of the day. Lined up on the start gate with three of her USA teammates, Scoops led the class to a 1,2,3,6 US finish.

Landon Burian - 13-16 Cruiser Girls

US domination was on the horizon in the 13-16 Cruiser Girls class, and the USA BMX National No.1 was on the front lines. Landon Burian took her speed to the world stage and showed the class her mix of Montana/Arizona speed. Altogether, the US held six spots going into the final, and as the cheers from the grandstands got louder, the 1-6 sweep came to fruition for the US. Across the podium stage, Landon Burian, Preslie Gould, Lily Ashley, Tatumn Huffman, Kenadie Neelan, and Avery Jones stood proud as the women to watch for years to come.

Andrew Herrera - 17-24 Cruiser Men

Just a kid from Georgia. That's how some might see Andrew Herrera, but because of the USA BMX National Series, we know this kid is lethal on two wheels. Snapping out of gate one, Herrera had a clear track ahead of him as the rest of the class drifted outside to put pressure on the defending champ. While they worried about him, the Georgia kid charged to the lead into and out of the first turn with his US teammate Drake Velador behind him. Bringing the 1-2 across the line, Herrera still couldn't be stopped until he found himself in staging, a Cruiser Champion in the 17-24 class.

Andy Contes - 45-49 Cruiser Men

The former AAs were out in force in the 45-49 Cruiser class. With his son cheering from the stands and his Chandler BMX family cheering through the webcast, Andy Contes chased down the Argentinian and former USA BMX National No.1 Javier Colombo. Contes found his extra leg strength down the fourth straight, passing Colombo for the world title in the final 30 feet. While he cut it close, Chris Luna will tell you there wasn't a doubt in his mind Contes wasn't winning the World One.

Isabella Smith - 9 Girls

The Killa Illa made an IMPACT. Isabella Smith and her fella 9 Girls meant business throughout the race day, dominating laps in each round, bringing five riders in the US kit to staging. While all the little ladies were going fast, Smith laid down her best lap of the day at the perfect moment. Leading the Defending champ, Remy Sessa to the line, the Impact BMX racer brought tears of joy to the finish line and a World title home to Vegas.

Waylon Burnsworth - 8 Boys

The ZeroNine dominator brought speed and emotion to the 2024 BMX Worlds. In the young but competitive class of 8 Boys, Burnsworth kept his bike on the front lines all day long. Wasting no time down the hill, Burnsworth led the pack again down the first straight and held the top spot to the line. Crossing the finish as a World One, the emotion poured out as he realized the accomplishment he just achieved at only 8 years old.

Skyler Despopoulos - 10 Boys

Racing out of the USA BMX HQ, we have seen the work Skyler Despopoulos has been putting in for the World racing. Once his race day began, the preparation showed taking win after win, leading into the title-deciding lap. With the lead at the first jump, Despopoulos was GONE. Stretching his lead with each straight, the Okie locked in his first World Title with many more expected to come.

Tenisyn McKee - 8 Girls

The little "Ten Ten" A force to be reckoned with on the US National circuit, brings her speed to the US-dominated 8 Girls class. Tenisyn McKee quickly got out front; however, her ability to stay in control impressed her fans, cheering from the sidelines. Leading the US-dominated final, McKee and her US teammates filled the podium stage with red, white, and blue, igniting cheers from the fence line as they hoisted their awards.

Kate Sifford - 17-29 Cruiser Women

The defending champ to her inside and the European speed directly beside her, Kate Sifford brought her A-game down the first straight in the 17-29 Cruiser final. Getting her elbow out in front, the AZ local took control of the race with a holeshot out of turn one. Playing defense down the third straight, Sifford blocked the high-low attempt and ramped up the speed to cross the finish line with a World One fist pump.

Cody Young - 11 Boys

The Young Gun already has the National No.1 Cruiser title under his belt, but in Rock Hill, he was in it to win it in the 11 Boys class. Dominating the motos and laying down fast laps into the final rounds. Snapping for the final race, Young kept it fast once again rolling across the line in disbelief. Ditching his bike and celebrating with his coach, Domingos Lammoglia the Florida racers dominated to the World One title.

Malia Alvarez - 11 Girls

After coming so close to the win the past couple years, the Baby Mangler was determined to get it done. With multiple bike lengths between her and the competition through the 1/4 and 1/2 finals, Alvarez ramped it up even more for the Final proving there was no doubt she is the fastest in the World. Joining her J&R/SpeedCo/Avian teammate on the podium, Malia Alvarez, completed her mission of earning the World One.

Wyatt Christensen - 12 Boys

Signal uninterrupted all day long as WyFi Christensen charged to his title. Upgrading his w3 to the w1, Christensen brought his impressive speed to the world stage and left it all on the track. Towing in his US teammate, Andres Andrade, the US boys went 1-2 under the finish line trusting, celebrating their domination throughout the race week.

Vida de Vira - 12 Girls

A crazy final in the 12 Girls class brought Vida de Vera to the winner's circle 12 Girls, and with battles that would impress any race fan, it was a well-deserved win. As one of the front runners through the race day, the 12 Girls final was set up to have a big US presence. As they charged out of the first turn, USAs Aven Beaty led the charge with de Vira on the two-spot. Battling into the final turn, Beaty and de Vira bummed into the entrance of the fourth straight causing Beaty to lose her front wheel. De Vira charged to the line, with Sequoia Gomolicke joining her in the top two as Aven Beaty got up and finished her lap in seventh. An action-packed final ended with hugs and high fives in the finish line runout with a very apparent look of disbelief from the new 12 Girls World One.

Chris Felker - 16 Boys

While day 4 of the Challenge racing was definitely an odd race day, Chris Felker was dominant in all three of the 16 Boys rounds. Based on total points, the Rock Hill local wasn't leaving any doubt in his competitors minds, finishing his third round with the fastest third-round lap time. While we would have loved to see the main event in this class as many will be jumping into the Junior ranks, Felker got it done with the system in place.

Taylor Riedemann - 25-29 Men

The tall Minnesotan was fast when he returned to racing a couple of years ago, but the speed he showed in Rock Hill was next-level quick. Like all of the Day 4 racers, Riedemann went 1-1-1 through the rounds and got ahead of some of the fastest racers in the world. Grabbing second on cruiser and locking down the win on class, the Rum River BMX local will be bringing some great hardware back to the Land O' Lakes.

Jason Morris - 35 & Over Men

The Big Cat meant business. Coming so close on cruiser day, Jason Morris took to the track on Wednesday determind to be the fastest. That he did, and with the dominating rounds plus a little bit of the Big Cat flair, Jason Morris topped the total point tally with the fastest 35+ lap time and the World One.

Heather Collman - 25 & Over Women

Racing out of Rockford BMX, the Doctor was in session around Rock Hill. Locking in the fastest time in each round, Heather Collman took to the track with winning in mind. While we didn't get to see the finish line celebration, Collman posted to social media her reaction to finding out she was leaving the pits with the 25+ World One.

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