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Terra - Radio's New Race Frame

The Grand National weekend held a lot of new announcements, but one frame took over the spotlight in the Fulltilt Bike Co setup. The new Radio Terra brings their Quarts frame's sleek and clean look with a hint of brand evolution.

The Key Features
  • TORAYCA Carbon fiber (industry leader in producing BMX carbon fiber)

  • Monocoque construction (one-piece carbon fiber structure, no bonding areas making for a stronger and lighter frame)

  • 2.4lb frame weight (Pro XL)

  • Internal cable routing (provides a sleeker look hiding unsightly cable lines)

  • Reinforced headtube for improved steering response

  • Sliding Disc Brake mount

    • Inner plates are fixed to the frame, making for easier install

    • Disc brake mount is fixed to the axle and dropout, so no movement or play under hard braking

    • The whole assembly slides within the dropout providing chain tension without the use of an idler arm

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