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Intergalactic SideHack Championships

The three-wheeled battles are back with a new format for the 2023 Pro Championship Finals. After a big push from the social media dwellers of BMX, the Intergalactic Sidehack Championships will be crowned again in Tulsa. With a Tuesday qualifying race into the Night Show, fans will be blessed with only the best sidehack action.


HARDESTY BMX: Sidehack Qualifying will be held Tuesday, in between Age Group Practice Rounds, to determine the Top-8. Open to All Hacks / All Ages. No Costume or theme required. All Hackers must be full Members. Registration is from 4 to 5pm. Sidehack Practice 5pm to 5:25.

First moto kicks off at 5:30. 2nd and 3rd motos held in between age group switches.


PRO CHAMP FINALS: Who will become the #1 Sidehack team in the Universe? The Top-4 Hacks from Tuesday will run their “A-Main” while the runner-up Hacks will race the “B-Main.” Sidehack Practice immediately after the last ROC main. For more details, e-mail:

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