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The USA continues to be one of the largest pools of talent in the BMX Race world, with an ever-increasing number of young, talented riders emerging each year.  However, it has been difficult at times for these athletes to make the transition from competing domestically to successfully competing on an international level.  In 2023, ODI and Connor Fields teamed up to do their part in helping to bridge this gap by assembling the first-ever CFP program with the goal of assisting the most promising young BMX athletes in their goal to make it to the next level by offering support as they compete in the UCI events.  In addition to the direct Cash for Podiums, the riders had an open line of communication to Connor to ask any questions they had about the transition from amateur to professional. We are proud to report that the inaugural year was a resounding success.

 Year one of the CFP program saw the recruitment of 9 exceptional young riders who competed in a total of 9 events- securing an impressive 12 podium finishes and allowing 7 different riders to walk away with well-earned cash bonuses.  We would like to offer our congratulations to our top three earning riders, Ethan Popovich, Cedric Cade, and Jacy Moore, on their successful performance last year.  We also would like to congratulate Drew Polk and Rayne Langford and wish them all the best as they move into the Elite Men Class.

 Based on the resounding success of our first year, we are thrilled to announce our carefully curated 2024 class of riders whom we believe represent some of the best talent in BMX today: 

Junior Women: 

Savannah Stokes 

Alexis Alden 


Junior Men: 

Cedric Cade (returning) 

Josh Jolly (returning) 

Sean Day 

Brady O'Neil

True Bailey 


U23 Women:

Jacy Moore (returning) 

Brooke Craft (returning) 

U23 Men 

Ethan Popovich (returning) 

Thomas Maturano (returning)

As we gear up for another year, we are excited to watch the success of this talented group of riders as they showcase their talents and earn their spot on the podium at each event.  We also remain enthusiastic about the CFP program as it continues to be a beacon of support for young athletes striving to reach the zenith of their potential, offering not only financial rewards but also a platform to showcase their extraordinary talents on a global stage.

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