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BOX Welcomes Their New CEO - Ken Anderson

Anaheim, CA June 21st, 2024 – The Cycle Group, DBA Box Components, announces a strategic leadership change to drive ongoing growth and innovation within the organization. Effective June 1st, 2024, Ken Anderson, long-time VP at Box, will lead the organization as the new CEO while Toby Henderson, the esteemed Founder and  President of Box Components, transitions to the role of Senior Advisor to focus on his new venture, Syndyt, a pioneering BMX race bicycle brand. 

This pivotal move underscores The Cycle Group's commitment to repositioning product strategy and ensuring the continued success of Box  Components. Anderson, with his wealth of experience and proven leadership acumen, is poised to lead the organization to new heights, championing a vision of excellence in component design. 

"I'm honored to step into the role of CEO and lead The Cycle Group forward, I’m also thrilled that Toby will remain omnipresent in areas such as product strategy," said Anderson. "I'm committed to upholding our legacy of innovation and delivering  exceptional products and services to our customers." Meanwhile, Henderson's transition to Senior Advisor marks a new chapter in his illustrious career. "I'm excited to embark on this new journey with Syndyt," said Henderson. “My vision is to push  the boundaries of cycling technology and deliver unparalleled performance to riders  everywhere." 

"On behalf of the box team, I would like to thank Toby for the great contribution he  made and wish him the best. Moving forward, I am confident that this new  organizational change at Box will empower our team to pursue excellence  seamlessly, meeting the expectations of the market and our customers." said Anderson. 


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About The Cycle Group: 

The Cycle Group, DBA Box Components, is a leading provider of high-performance  cycling components, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and 

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