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The Hunt for Three - Willoughby and Daudet

Welcome to 2024, where 33 is the confirmed fastest age in BMX. After decades of dominance throughout the sport of BMX Racing, Alise Willoughby and Joris Daudet add a new notch to their GOAT status: 3x UCI BMX Racing World Champions.

Just six months after their winning laps at the USA BMX Grand Nationals, Willoughby and Daudet have battled through the noise to the winner's circle of the 2024 World Championships. Adding the rainbow stripes to their race-day kits not only brings well-deserved acknowledgment but also adds confidence ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Willoughby and Daudet have led their Nation's Olympic points through the two-year cycle, and now they head into the O-Show as the undoubted top dogs of the sport. The stripes have been known to add extra weight to racers. However, the two dominators have the skill, speed, and experience to overcome the superstition and become Olympic Gold Medalists.

It's the Willoughby and Daudet Era. We're just living in it.

2024 UCI BMX Racing World Championship
Women Elite
  1. Alise Willoughby USA

  2. Zoe Classens SUI

  3. Daleny Vaughn USA

  4. Felicia Stancil USA

  5. Laura Smulders NED

  6. Carly Kane USA

  7. Leila Walker NZL

  8. Saya Sakakibara AUS

2024 UCI BMX Racing World Championships
Men Elite
  1. Joris Daudet FRA

  2. Niek Kimmann NED

  3. Sylvain Andre FRA

  4. Carlos Ramirez COL

  5. Alfredo Campo ECU

  6. Rico Bearman NZL

  7. Mauricio Molina CHI

  8. Kye Whyte GBR

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