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Aryei Levenson Wins Spinner's $500

Even in retirement, Mike Spinner is continue to push BMX - just in a slightly different way.

Mike is rewarding the rider who does the trick that stands out to him the most at each stop of the 2023 USA BMX Freestyle Series with $500. From stop three in Tulsa, the honor (and the cash) is going to Aryei Levenson.

“The barspin to back seatgrab was mind-blowing for me. I wasn’t good at riding concrete, barspins, or seatgrabs!” said Mike on his decision.

In addition to this award from Spinner, Aryei also took the win in the Expert class at the event.

Spinner hopes to reward riders pushing the sport and to also give back to the BMX world with this award. As a former Woodward Camp resident, he'll be watching Stop 4 closely and with high expectations!

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