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World Class - Cam Wood's Fight for the Olympics

“2024 is a year full of opportunities. The World Championships on home soil and the Olympics are two things you dream about as a BMX racer. While I have realized what lies in front of me, I have learned the importance of staying in the present moment and embracing each opportunity as they come. There is still a journey to get where I want to be, and for now I will embrace that journey on the road to Paris. Representing the USA is one of my greatest honors.”

After a highly successful showing both domestically and internationally in 2022, Cameron Wood has emerged as America’s top hopeful for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris at 21. Born in Great Falls, Montana, Cam played all sports - basketball, football, skiing, golf, track & field, motocross, and BMX. Over time, Cam decided he loved racing more than everything else but could typically only ride/ race four months out of the year due to snow and cold weather. With only two outdoor tracks in Montana, he and his parents would make long drives to Utah in the winter to ride his BMX bike at an indoor track. There were multiple years growing up, Cam was the only BMX racer in the entire state of Montana competing in his age group.

After attending Bozeman High School during his freshman and sophomore years, where Cam played basketball for those two years to stay active during the long winter, he and his parents moved to Phoenix in 2018 to go all in on BMX. Cam shifted to online school for his junior and senior high school years to travel as much as possible to compete. In Phoenix, Cam’s amateur career took off with more people and tracks to ride, and the weather allowed him to train year-round.

Cam Wood's Olympic Mongoose: Designed by Wisconsin Hydrographics

On the charge to the 2024 Olympic Games, Cam Wood and the rest of the U.S. BMX Racing Olympic team are on the O-Show grind, splitting their time at the Paris facility and Tulsa's Hardesty National BMX Stadium. Overcoming injury and the continued growth of his competition, Wood brings his 'Be the Best' attitude to the starting gate for his first Olympic Games.

The stakes are inflated once the Olympic Medals wait at the finish line, but Wood's experience racing the international and domestic field, paired with his power-to-weight ratio, brings him to the front of the BMX world predictions for the Olympic main event. For the US fans waiting to see the Montana native compete in Paris, flashbacks to Wood's first race in AA Pro back in the start of 2020 puts him in the Medal possible position. From the Rookie climbing the top step on his debut weekend to a US favorite looking at his first Olympic games, the excitement for Wood's debut is palpable.

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