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BMX Freestyle: Who is going to The Olympics?

After this past weekend's Olympic Qualifier Series event in Budapest, Hungary, we now have a much clearer picture of who earned their spots for Paris. Here's the rundown...


USA - Hannah Roberts

China - Sun Jiaqi

USA - Perris Benegas

China - Deng Yawen

Switzerland - Nikita Ducarroz

Australia - Natalya Diehm

Switzerland - Rider TBA

Czech Republic - Rider TBA

Great Britain - Rider TBA

Colombia - Rider TBA

Germany - Rider TBA

France - Rider TBA


France - Anthony Jeanjean

Great Britain - Kieran Reilly

USA - Marcus Christopher

Brazil - Gustavo Bala Loka

USA - Justin Dowell

Croatia - Marin Rantes

Japan - Rider TBA

Australia - Rider TBA

South Africa - Rider TBA

Argetina - Rider TBA

Canada - Rider TBA

Latvia - Rider TBA

While it's easy to assume who many of the yet-to-be-announced riders will be, it's still a bit too soon to consider them "official." Expect confirmation in the coming weeks.

One thing is certain - it's going to be a serious battle for Gold in Paris!


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