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Where are they now: Kim Hayashi

Kim Hayashi has been involved in BMX racing since she was 12 years old, having raced for Gordy's, Enigma, and Redline, she experienced both sides of the sanctioning coin with the ABA and NBL sanctioning bodies. Experiencing both styles of track Hayashi found that having a combination of power and skills helped her become a well-rounded rider as she brought in two ABA Cruiser titles and five NBL Elite Women title. From starting in BMX at 12, pro at 15, then retired by the time she was in her 20's, Hayashi used her short yet successful career to return in a different role as team manager of Remix BMX.

From an interview to get a couple quotes to a full hour discussion about her time in the athlete and manager sides of the sport, we called an audible and decided to edit this up into a full Podcast. An absolutely must hear talk discussing her experience as a team manager for Supercross and Remix, and how she wants to provide her riders with the opportunity to learn how to be successful outside of BMX. She also shared her experience of overcoming the big hill in Beijing and her advice to her riders to stay committed to their goals.

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