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Timing Returns to USA BMX Pro Series

The 2023 SoCal Nationals bring the return of timed laps and transfers to the USA BMX Pro Series. As Sqorz timing loops have been implemented throughout the National Schedule, the Pro classes are taking the technological step to streamline their scoring process.

In a full email blast to the Pros of the series, USA BMX laid down the info and ground rules for the new race day tech:

"Dear USA BMX Pro Members:

The So Cal Nationals will mark the return of scoring via transponder for all Pro racing. We have been working diligently with Sqorz Timing to implement this technology into the USA BMX National Series and are confident that it will streamline the scoring process. Many of you are familiar with this technology, as it is similar to what is used on the UCI BMX World Cup Series. Seeding will now be based on timed results rather than solely on finish position, meaning that advanced round motos and gate pick order will be determined by these times.

You, the rider, are solely responsible for the operation and proper mounting of (see photo below for proper mounting) your transponder. All Pro riders must scan and confirm their rider details to be correct for that day's racing. USA BMX will provide a transponder checking station(s) where riders must check the operation of their transponder before entering the track for the day. It is crucial that this check be done well in advance of the start of racing.

At the So Cal Nationals, these stations will be located near staging and near the USA BMX semi-trailer. If a transponder is found by the rider to be non-functional or have incorrect rider details, they must immediately report to the semi for correction.

Any rider who starts a race in a transponder-scored class that has a non-functional transponder and has not utilized a checking station prior to entering the track will receive a DNF (Did Not Finish) finish for that lap. Any rider who starts a race without a transponder will also receive a DNF for that lap. If the transponder results of two or more riders are within 0.01 seconds or a rider’s transponder malfunctions / is detached from their bike during a race lap, the Head Official shall verify and (if necessary) correct that result using a high-speed photo finish. This action on the part of the Head Official shall not provide grounds for a protest, and their decision is final.

As always, USA BMX Pro membership is both a privilege and a responsibility. Pro riders are an example for future generations of riders and are expected to lead the way in the USA BMX National Series."

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