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Stitt's double flip wins Spinner's Trick of the Year

After an epic year of progression, 12-year-old Connor Stitt capped off his 2023 USA BMX Freestyle Series season with one final accolade - Mike Spinner's Trick of the Year award.

While Mike had initially stated he would pick his favorite winner from the eight stops to take top honors, he bended his criteria when Connor's double backflip over the spine at Woodward West grabbed his attention.

Mike awarded Connor with a trophy and an additional $500 - that he hopes Connor will use to cover his travel costs to a future USA BMX Freestyle event.

"I still can't believe how good this kid is. I just want to see his progression keep going!" said Spinner.

Congratulations to Connor and huge thank you to Mike Spinner for his involvement in the 2023 USA BMX Freestyle Series!

Mike paid thousands of dollars out to young riders simply because of his love of seeing the sport progress. The future of BMX is a bit brighter thanks to Mike and other lifers with willingness to give back!

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