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SE Bikes join forces with BBC

Pushing the envelope and joining forces with some of the biggest brands in pop culture, SE Bikes does it again with Pharrell Williams and the Billionaire Boys Club. The BBC x SE Bikes Space Flyer brings an eye-catching design to its ride-out-ready build.

Billionaire Boys Club, founded by Pharrell Williams and Nigo in 2003, is a globally recognized brand whose blend of streetwear has influenced countless pockets of fashion, music, design, and culture. And now there is another feather in BBC’s cap: the BBC x SE Bikes Space Flyer. This limited-edition bike takes the SE Big Flyer where it’s never gone before, with BBC design cues that will have all eyes glued to it. Limited to 500 bikes, produced exclusively for the USA. You better get this Space Flyer before it’s too late! To complete the collection, get the limited-edition BBC x SE jersey and gloves, too!

The Billionaire Boys Club x SE Bikes jersey is the perfect companion for the new BBC x SE Big Flyer. The Space Camo design combined with Hot Shoppe quality make this jersey perfect for riding, chilling, and everything in between. Combine this with the new BBC x SE gloves and you’ll have a kit that is completely out of this world.

Billionaire Boys Club gloves!? You know it! These new BBC x SE Bikes gloves round out the BBC x SE collab, and they are perfect for every riding session. The BBC gloves, jersey, and Space Flyer are all limited-edition, so move quick or get left behind!

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