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Pro Points see a Major change in 2023

With only a few days until the start of the 2023 USA BMX Pro Championship series, USA BMX unveils the new point structure that looks to simplify and intensify the Pro Title chases.

USA BMX will be rolling out a new points format for Men Pro and Women Pro in 2023. The goal of this new format is to create something that is easy to understand for people outside of the BMX family, but also to make it easier for the BMX spectators and fans to follow the points chase. Going into Grands, we want to make it easier for you, the athletes, to know exactly what the points scenario is, and for the fans to be able to follow the title chase. We will also be housing the Men Pro and Women Pro points right her on PULLBMX.COM. USA BMX feel this is the place to showcase the highest-level athletes in our sport.

The new format will no longer give rider count points or semi-points. All points earned will be from the A mains as well as top 4 in the B main. The new points structure will be as follows:

A Main:

1st – 100

2nd – 90

3rd – 80

4th – 70

5th – 60

6th – 50

7th – 40

8th – 30

B Main:

1st – 20

2nd – 15

3rd – 10

4th – 5

For 2023, USA BMX will still use each riders best 8 scores PLUS Grands result. USA BMX will still double the points for Grands, so that part will remain the same as well.

Grands Points Table:

1st – 200

2nd – 180

3rd – 160

4th – 140

5th – 120

6th – 100

7th – 80

8th – 60

B Main:

1st – 40

2nd – 30

3rd – 20

4th – 10

Historically, the points gap between positions for the overall was 80 points at the Grands. Under the new format, it will be 20 points as well as no rider count points to complicate things, which will hopefully make it easier to understand for athletes and spectators alike.

800 points is a “perfect” regular season score, meaning you scored 8 wins. If you win 8 races AND the Grands, you can reach the maximum perfect score of 1000 points for the year.

Should there be a tie, the tiebreaker will be Grands finish. If the riders do not make the main, we will go back to semi-scores, then quarter scores, then the lowest points of the moto rounds at Grands. If the tie is still not broken, then they will go back to the regular season to see the number of 1st, number of 2nds, numbers of 3rds etc.… until the tie is broken.

For 2023, transponders are MANDATORY for all pros. Any rider that does not have a transponder may receive a last for that race. USA BMX is currently working with their programmer as well as the Sqorz programmer to have the ability to use timing to seed the advanced rounds at some point during the season. Therefore, it is crucial that all riders in the pro classes have a transponder. There will be zero leniencies, so please come to each event prepared.


All riders must attend the podium ceremony. We ask that all riders are on time for the podium ceremony as well. We understand sometimes things happen, you must catch a flight, or you may miss it. However, if a rider misses three podiums during the year, they will be fined $100 out of their next paycheck. We also ask that all riders come to the podium looking professional, just like they did on the track.

If you finish top 5 in the overall series for the year and earn a year-end payout unless there is an extreme circumstance (injury, illness, etc.), you must attend the podium ceremony after the Pro Championship to be eligible to claim the year-end prize money.

USA BMX License:

All riders must have a current USA BMX license to participate in any USA BMX event. If you do not have a current membership, you will not be listed on the moto sheets.

UCI License:

UCI License: Please renew your USA Cycling International License before you show up at the race. Follow this link to renew. Make sure you know your login and password.

We highly advise you to opt for the International +, as you'll get $25,000 in accident insurance from SPOT Insurance. Junior riders, make sure you choose the Junior license, then add UCI International license ($140) or add the + license for $25,000 in accident coverage.

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