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Oldsmar: What to expect

What will you see from Stop 2 of the USA BMX Pro Series?

Maxed-out speeds and an international contingency that not even we are ready for.

The USA BMX Pro series kicked off in a big way two weekends ago in Houston, TX. With drama surrounding the two top dogs in the Men Pro ranks and young faces creeping up the podium in the Women’s ranks, Oldsmar better be ready to see action like no other.

Let's hit some key bullet points to get the predictions rolling.

Men Pro
  • US top dog, Cam Wood, is hungry for a win after a third and main event crash in Houston.

  • The Chase Bicycles boys (Joris and Izaac) know how to win in Oldsmar. But will the teammate side of racing affect their race decision-making?

  • Eddy Clerte showed his speed in Houston, making him a podium contender if he can stay on two wheels.

  • The up-and-comer Jack Davis is out for the weekend following a gnarly crash this past weekend in Oldsmar.

  • Home to a big group of racers, the local pros will be out in force with Kam Larson and Jeremy Smith at the forefront.

  • He may have been Vet for the state race, but Sylvain André is still Elite and still Elite fast.

  • Carlos Ramirez will go from 7th to 2nd in turn one.

  • The expected breakout weekend coming from Mathis Richard, Rayne Lankford, Curtis Krey, and Joey Leto.

Women Pro

Easily the most stacked Women Pro weekend of the year is ahead of us. Oldsmar Local Felicia Stancil and current National No.1 Alise Willoughby are being joined by BMX Queen Mariana Pajon, World Cup Queen Laura Smulders, and countless other Women Pros who are young and hungry to line up bar to bar.

  • Alise has two wins locked in early after Houston making her goal obviously to win but, more importantly, block Felicia. While a lot of fast ladies are headed to the weekend Felicia will be the one most likely to be at all the stops and hot on her heals in the points chase.

  • Felicia needs to win. With home-field advantage, Stancil has the upper hand to th fast lines making her 20 point deficit in the title chase easily attainable to even the score.

  • Laura is ready to double up again in Oldsmar. Undefeated on the USA big hill circuit, Smulders is coming into the weekend with a new ride and her same dominating precision through the track.

  • What else can be said about Mariana Pajon, she’s back in the US, and she’s ready to race with her travel partner Andrea Escobar.

  • Payton Ridenour is one of the young guns we were talking about before and with her Tulsa training regiment, and things are looking good for her to make a splash in Florida.

  • Second-year pro-Mckenzie Gayheart is fresh off a podium and ready to make her name even more known in front of her home state crowd.

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