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Meet the Golden Crank Final Five

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The race fans have voted, and the tallies are in! Before we crown the winners on Friday Night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, let's meet the final five up for the 2022 Golden Crank Awards.

Rookie Pro of the Year

Cameron Bramer - Supercross BMX

Dustin Jacobs - RIPT BMX

Mckenzie Gayheart - Factory Full Tilt / Radio

Nick Adams - Factory Rockstar / Rift / Tangent

Rayne Lankford - PRO GATE / Tbone BMX

Pro of the Year

Barry Nobles - Chase / Mercedes Benz / FLY Racing

Cameron Bramer - Supercross BMX

Cameron Wood - Mongoose Bikes / USA BMX Foundation

Felicia Stancil - Factory SSquared

Nic Long - Haro / Odyssey / Promax

Team of the Year

Daylight Cycles Co.

Factory Rift Tangent

Factory SSquared

Factory Full Tilt / Radio


Bike of the Year


Daylight Cycles Co.




Find out who's taking home the GOlden Crank
Friday, Nov. 25th

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