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Kevin Peraza's La Familia V2

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

If you want to ride like Kevin Peraza, you’re out of luck. But, if you want to ride what he rides, Mongoose has you covered with his brand new signature frame - the La Familia V2.

This isn’t Kevin’s first signature frame from Mongoose (hence the V2), but it’s certainly got him fired up far more than its predecessor.

“I got a lot more input on this one than I did on my first one,” Kevin told us. “We designed everything exactly how I wanted - from the geometry to the graphics. Everything is perfect how it is.”

Kevin’s specs include a 20.75” top tube, 13” chainstay, 75.5 ̊ headtube angle, 71” seat tube angle, and weighs in at 5lbs 1oz.

“We’re excited to have Kevin’s frame out and available worldwide,” said Mongoose team manager Leigh Ramsdell. “I’ve actually been riding a sample version for over a year, and I love it!”

The La Familia V2 is available now at and Albe’s.

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