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BK Joins Freestyle Series

USA BMX - the largest BMX organization in North America - welcomes Brian Kachinsky as Head Judge for the USA BMX Freestyle Amateur Series. Kachinsky, a successful and accomplished BMX street pro with a career spanning over twenty years, has brought his passion for riding BMX to judging the sport and solidified himself as one of the most credible and respected officials across the globe.

The USA BMX Freestyle 2023 schedule consists of seven national events concluding with the Grand Final competition, where both membership and pre-registration are required. “I’ve spent the past decade judging BMX Freestyle at the highest level, and amidst that excitement, I often remind myself that every single Pro rider was once an Amateur,” said Kachinsky. “Every single rider was a kid from somewhere who had the dream and drive to push their riding to the next level - this is exactly what USA BMX is enabling through their events and programs.”

Kachinsky had the honor of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games to be the Head Judge for BMX Freestyle.

“Judging large-scale events, including the Olympic Games, has given me a front-row seat to this new and exciting chapter in BMX. USA BMX events are a prelude to that chapter, but they aren’t just that. These events bring riders from all over the country to showcase their passion, skills, and, most importantly: fun. And for me, these events remind me of what made me fall in love with BMX in the first place.”