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Huffy BMX gets Gnarly with Carly Kane

With 130 years of business under its belt, Huffy is excited to reignite its BMX racing division in 2024! A brand known for its wide variety of products reinvests in BMX and brings a US favorite into the family.

22-year-old Carly Kane from Guilford, Indiana, joins the legendary cycling brand to promote BMX racing and the mass catalog of products made by the Huffy Corporation.

What does it mean to join the Huffy squad, knowing that Huffy is a major player in the cycling world?

"It's just kind of surreal because I don't think a lot of people, especially a lot of younger kids, will understand what Huffy is and they won't know how big they were and how iconic the brand is. I think it's just unbelievable. Like like even some of the guys from Dk, when I told them, they were like, "Oh wow," it's really happening, and still I can't believe it.
"Bill, who owns DK, rode for factory Huffy back in the day, so it's pretty cool to come full circle. All the guys at DK were super supportive and just super cool about it. So it sucked to leave, but it was cool that they were all really supportive. I don't know, it's just, it's still feels surreal."
- Carly Kane | Women Pro

When we first heard the news about Carly's new Huffy sponsorship, our initial excitement was turned into a question mark with one major question in mind: What frame will she ride?

A few clicks through the Huffy website will show you a few different entry-level BMX bikes. And while the Axilus, Enigma, and Exist AL are great starter bikes, high-flying racer Carly Kane is going to need something a little more for her 2024 run. Unsure of the race frame plans of the future, Kane is excited to collaborate with the Huffy team for a custom spec frame in the meantime. Bringing the lowered bottom bracket and disk brake compatibility she loved from past frames, the bold and iconic Huffy across the downtube will make its debut on the race scene in New Zealand for the first World Cup rounds of the year.

Kane will be rocking the Huffy logo on the race track, but she's not alone in the brand's BMX ambassador club. 9-year-old freestyle grom Huck Kurinsky is ready to welcome Kane into the family. Taking on USA BMX Freestyle National stops with Huck and the USA BMX Pro races, plus international travel with Carly, Huffy has two of the best BMX ambassadors any brand could ask for.

For over 130 years, we have been a leader in the bike industry. In 1892, Dayton, Ohio-native George Huffman became curious about the “bicycle-craze” sweeping the nation and wanted to be a part of it.
Today, the legacy continues, and Huffy still reigns as one of the world’s most beloved, well-known bike brands. Covering almost every style and size of bike, from leisurely beach cruisers to rugged BMX bikes, you are sure to find the bike that is the right fit with Huffy. After all, here at Huffy, we make fun!

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