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Down Unda' for the UCI World Cup: Results

The excitement was high going into Rounds 3 & 4 of the UCI World Cup Series. With all eyes on the Aussie locals, the entire cast of racers came in swinging to plant their foot as the top dog of the 2024 season.


It's safe to say the home country of Australia came out of the weekend as top dogs taking 28% of the main events spots and doubling down with 42% of the podium steps! With the Olympic points window closing fast, the Brisbane stop brings big points, especially on the Men's side, as they come into fighting distance for a top 5 country ranking to bring 2 Aussie riders. That 5th and 6th points battle is currently with the USA and Great Britain, making Kye Whyte's win a huge gain for GBR.


Round 3 - Men Elite

1. Izaac Kennedy AUS

2. Ross Cullen GBR

3. Jeremy Smith USA

4. Jeremy Rencurel FRA

5. Kamren Larsen USA