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Answer BMX's New Men Pro

The hottest Free Agent in the Pro classes has made his new team official. Kam Larsen is officially joining the legendary Answer BMX squad. A staple throughout the BMX world, Answer BMX scoops up Larsen after his most successful season yet.

As the 2023 Pan American Champion and 2023 PanAm Games Gold Medalist, Kam Larsen takes on the 2024 season with fresh colors and a new bike on his side. Joining a stacked Pro squad, Kam Larsen knew a strong support system was already in place with John and Blake Sawyer at the helm.

"After my somewhat surprise departure from Haro, I knew that my next move would be pivotal. After being connected through a mutual friend, Blake (Sawyer) and I were able to come to an agreement and make it happen for the 2024 season. Loyalty and quality products were at the top of my list when deciding my future and Answer has shown both of those throughout the years. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to represent this American brand worldwide as we enter into a big year in 2024!" -Kam Larsen

All new team announcements are exciting. However, 2024 holds big opportunities for those a part of Team USA. With the 2024 Olympic Games growing on the horizon, Kam Larsen is an Olympic hopeful, and with a successful Tulsa World Cup and Rock Hill World Championships, Kam has a chance to bring the Answer BMX and Ssquared brand to the sport's biggest stage in his first year on the team.

"Shortly after hearing the news about Kam looking for a new team for 2024, one of Kam's existing co-sponsors and former Factory Answer riders, The Jungle U, reached out to us about teaming up to get Kam what he needed for the 2024 season. With the retirement of Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer, it left us looking for the right person to add to the Answer family. Kam's reputation on and off the track made it a no-brainer decision and we were able to come to terms quickly. Everyone at Answer is pumped to start this relationship with Kam and looking forward to growing together in the industry. As he is quickly moving his way to the top of the Pro class, there's no doubt the upcoming season will be exciting for everyone involved." -Blake Sawyer

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