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2024 USA BMX Freestyle Schedule

Kicking off our 5th season in 2024, USA BMX Freestyle will launch an expanded series that includes rider access at every park in the country via a digital series ranked by state. The 2024 National Series, once again presented by long-time partner Hyper BMX, consists of a multi-avenue approach that includes access for riders in all regions. With a points structure that is as simple as 4-1-1, it allows riders to gain points in 3 different event atmospheres judged by Olympic-caliber judges, all while giving riders the opportunity to compete against others within their skill and age at both their home parks and some of the most famous, world-class facilities.  

At the grassroots level and available to every rider in the world, the USA BMX State Series is the Digital grassroots component to the series that creates easy access for every rider nationwide. The State Series is a competition that is completely digital. This series allows a rider to submit their filmed run at any skatepark in the world. The seven rounds of competition give a rider the opportunity to count their four best digital scores to their overall national ranking and compete for the State Title within each state ranking at the digital level.

The newest component of competition with USA BMX for 2024 is the Regional Series, which allows riders to get involved in the Series at the live competition level and be judged in a competition format. Regional events are hosted by independent parks and sanctioned by USA BMX for ranking. The Regional Series will provide five rounds of competition with the same age and skill level that is consistent with the USA BMX ranking system and give the riders the opportunity to earn one score to their overall National ranking.

The staple of USA BMX Freestyle is a complete facility takeover by USA BMX staff and a full-caliber event that is hosted in conjunction with the popular Mongoose AM-Jam.  With three rounds of competition and one Final round to belt the champions, it allows riders to utilize their best score from one round plus the Final to complete the riders 4-1-1 for maximum points in the year-end ranking.  

Points are accumulated for a maximum total of the riders best 4 digital State Series submissions, 1 Regional score, and 1 National score - plus “THE FINALS” event held at the season end, where the championship belts are strapped on to the newest USA BMX champions each year.  Detailed qualification information can be found at

We look forward to seeing our Freestyle BMX family of nearly half-a-decade compete again in 2024 for the famous USA BMX championship belt. If you have not yet joined the USA BMX family, this is the year to become a member and compete where everyone rides!

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