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2022 Freestyle Series Opener at Premises Park

The Hyper Bike Co Series Opener Round 1 at Premises Park in Tucson, AZ, presented by Free AgentBikes.

Back in 2021 (it feels so long ago,) when we visited the world-renowned Premises Park for the first time, we knew that the event would be a good one. A park rarely has complete courses for all ages or, more importantly, transfers lines that can join the two courses into one fantastic footprint. Having said this…we knew we had to come back in 2022, and Ian Abbott (owner of Premises Park) welcomed us with open arms.

With 2 National events being added to the schedule for 2022, Round 1 was scheduled for the end of January to allow some parts of the country to escape the cold and the rest of the country to experience all that Premises offers.

Enough of the small talk. Let’s dive right into the contest results, shall we? In 2021 the youngest class we offered was ten and Under. It was a highly competitive group of riders ranging in age from 10 down to 3. For 2022, we did some class fine-tuning to ensure the proficiency levels were even, and the new eight and Under Men’s class resulted from said tuning.

8 and Under Men’s Results

1. Steele Sirlin

2. Huck Kurinsky

3. Ryder Bowles

4. Ellis Karus

5. Finnik Stitt

6. Royce Vontesmar

It was Steele’s time to shine with his first 1 st place in a comp. He’s one of the 8yr old that’s going to transition into the next age group well. Fan favorite Huck Kurinsky was just that…the Fan Favorite. His intensity and exciting riding style raise the volume in the building. Series newcomers Ryder Bowles and Ellis Kraus were a fantastic addition to the series and scored a respectable 3rd and 4th. A familiar last name, but also new to the series, was Finnik (Finn) Stitt. He comes from the BMX-successful Stitt family and scored an impressive 5th in his first comp. BMX race lineage Royce Vontesmar joined in on some fun and rounded out the 8 and Under Men’s class. The 9-10 Men’s class is very much the high-intensity group of shredders from last year’s 10 and Under class (minus a couple of riders…more on that later).

9-10 Men’s Results

1. Mateo Fonseca

2. Samuelle Moreno

3. Liam Bowersox

4. Luca Kraus

5. Evan Gallagher

Tater Fonseca (real name Mateo) took a hard hit on the ramps during Friday’s practice session and retired early. Through grit and perseverance, Mateo lined up on Saturday morning and it paid off. He’s no stranger to the podium, but Round 1 at Premises Park marks his first win in USABMX Freestyle. Local hero Samuelle Moreno voluntarily aged up (Note: it’s a rider’s choice to age up early IF the rider turns that class age within the season and prior to The Finals), knowing he would eventually have to compete with the 9-10 age group…and I’m guessing he’s glad he did. Samuelle used his creative lines and fast-paced style to earn 2nd place. 3rd place went to Chandler, Arizona’s Liam Bowersox. While 3 rd place may not seem like much for Liam, his trick list would place him well in any contest he enters. We sort of think Liam is just warming up and will be on the top step very soon. Series newcomer Luca Kraus earned 4th (his younger brother also earned 4th …so we’re guessing there were no brother arguments on the car ride

home for Mr. Kraus…whew) and New York’s Evan Gallagher escaped the white stuff on the ground to visit sunny Arizona and take 5th.

There’s a new generation of women pushing the female BMX level in America, and we’re very fortunate to have them in the USABMX Freestyle Amateur National Championship Series. Without a doubt, these ladies are the next Elite Women who will someday represent the USA, and let’s just say certain people who would maybe manage Elite athletes are now paying attention. Hmmmm….

12 and Over Women Results

1. Keir Sirlin

2. Saige Thunstrom

3. Saraya Chanadet

4. Brenna Woodward

5. Charlie Berry

Keir Sirlin and Saige Thunstrom have been battling back and forth for a few comps now. What’s great about this is both are progressing at a rate never seen before at age 12. The age to represent a country in the UCI Elite Freestyle category at World Cups, World Championships (and Olympics) is 15…that’s less than 3 years away from us potentially watching these ladies at the highest level possible. Pretty exciting stuff.

Round 1 at Premises Park was no different. A small margin between Keir and Saige's scores had the final result, with Keir taking the top spot and Saige a well-earned 2nd. These two are soooooo close. It’s really fun to watch. Enter Saraya Chanadet into the equation: Saraya from Riverside, CA, has been on an upward trajectory since May of 2021, and her trick list increases at every event. Saraya is no stranger to the top 3, and this weekend was no different. History tells us that BMX racing to Freestyle is a very quick transition regarding the learning curve, so we’re excited to see what series newcomer and successful BMX racer Brenna Woodward brings to the 12 and Over Woman’s class as the year progresses. Give Brenna a 4th for her first-ever freestyle event. Charlie Berry is a welcomed personality at the events and loves battling with these ladies. Never short on unique lines or efficiency, it’s awesome having Charlie attend our events…plus we love her dog that travels with her.

The 11-14 Men’s class is always a tricky one; you could very well have a tall and talented 14yr old manchild standing on the podium next to a fresh-faced, recently turned 11-year-old shredder. The proficiency level of this class is quickly rising. Once upon a time, not long ago, the average 12-13yr old was doing 360s as their standout trick. Nowadays, 11yr riders are pulling clean flip-whips and flair variations. I’ve never been more thankful to grow up in the era I did, where a simple turndown made you the best rider on the block…

11-14 Men’s Results

1. Caiden Cernius

2. Connor Stitt

3. Boston Bryant

4. River Bell

5. Nari Colon

6. David Canastillo

7. Aaden Reed

8. Lyon Hydahl

9. Elijah Cosby

10. Mac Likens

11. Connor Labass

12. Dillan McIntyre

13. Brody McBurney

The Caiden and Connor show…part 234,719 (yes, this number is an exaggeration). One hails from Washington, the other from Utah. One on a Fit Bike, the other a Hyper Bike (both brands are series sponsors…thank you very much). One does double-whips over the box, and the other flip-whips over the spine. It was close…super close. Caiden edged out Connor in this dual, and I think it needs to be said that both guys turned 11 recently.

Series newcomers Boston Bryant and River Bell placed 3rd and 4th, with River bringing some of that MTB style and flair to the runs. It’s awesome seeing the new riders in the series and what they bring to the table. Florida’s Nari placed 5th but also won the Hyper Rider of the Day award, where Hyper picks a class before the day starts and then chooses why that rider is the Rider of the Day. Pretty awesome for Nari to score that $100 from being so creative with his riding style.

Honorable group mentions- David Canastillo, Lyon Hydahl, Mac Likens, Connor Labass, Dillan McIntyre, and Brody McBurney were all series newcomers as well. The scores were all very close with this group, and some of these guys crashed in their runs. It’ll be exciting when they pull their dream run and make a run for the podium. Thanks, guys, for being a part of the fun at Premises!

Aaden Reed and Elijah Cosby, both who are series locals, had crashes or mishaps in their runs which earned them 7th and 9th, respectively. You must remember how crazy this proficiency level is and that both Aaden and Elijah have been in the top 3 before….

The 15-30 Men’s class is essentially the development level or league for our Expert Men’s class. It’s a place where new riders can come and learn how to compete, or seasoned riders can learn to dial in their runs and tricks before turning Expert. The 2021 Series Champion graduated to the Expert class (more on him later), which left the class open for a new winner.

15-30 Men’s Results

1. Saul Moreno

2. Nate Warner

3. Damian Anhder

4. Brice Pitt

5. Steven Hammond

6. Bence Erdos

7. Carl Nathan Mitchell II

8. Kain Camacho

9. Danny Ruiz

10. Alejandro Velasquez

11. Kevin White

12. AJ Morris

13. Johnathon Singer

14. Connor Smith

15. Justin Holt

Local shredder and the dude with amazing style Saul Moreno took home that W for his Genuine Crew. Saul is quickly learning his style, and creative line choices are making him a staple on the podium. Nate Warner placed 2nd in his first-ever contest with USA BMX Freestyle, and Gilroy, CA’s Damian Anhder boosted his way onto the podium with some stand-out tricks.

Brice Pitt and Steven Hammond rounded out the top 5. Brice is good, and with a little bit of coaching, I think he could make a big jump to the top 3. Steven Hammond tried out our series for the first time and earned himself a 5th …which is great considering there were 15 in the group. We need to mention that Mongoose bikes are doing a “Most Creative Rider” award at each round, and Steven won a (not yet released) Kevin Peraza frame. Mongoose’s Leigh Ramsdell awarded Steven with the frame, and the crowd was in awe….

Honorable Group Mentions- Bence Erdos and Kain Camacho tie for the coolest names in the class…and they also place 6th and 8th. For the first time ever, there was a tie…which is odd because we scored down to the hundredth in points. Kain and Danny Ruiz tied for 8th with an exact score of 43.67.

CNM2 (the 7th place guy), Alejandro Velasquez, Kevin White, Johnathon Singer, and Connor Smith all had little mishaps in their runs which didn’t get them the scores they had hoped for. All 3 are podium contenders, so to see one of these five guys NOT on the podium means they weren’t exactly happy. AJ Morris 270’d off the top level to the 5ft mini below, and I have no words. Crazy. There. I said one word to describe it (It was insane, and there’s a reason why he was the only person to attempt it all day). Justin Holt got his feet wet in the USABMX National Series but crashed in both runs…but let it be known it has been nerves because the dude can ride.

(Que the Oxygen tanks and pain relievers) The Masters class did not disappoint! The 2021 Finals event winner Chris Thunstrom showed up to keep the winning streak alive, but he had to deal with Mr. Consistency Will Bissel and a former DK Bikes Pro rider, now Master Class shredder Dusty Horton. Add in a couple of 31-39 Men’s Class riders for good measure, and it was a stacked session!

MASTERS Class/31-39 Men Combined Results

1. Dusty Horton

2. Will Bissell

3. Andre Pendleton (1 st place 31-39)

4. Rick White (2 nd place 31-39)

5. Chris Thunstrom

We heard the hype…Dusty Horton was coming to play, and the hype was legit. Massive tricks and wallrides at 6ft plus were in his arsenal. Fun jabs of “Sandbagger” were shouted across the course in lighthearted humor, but this 42-year-old BMX wizard is amazing to watch. First place on the day. We certainly hope to see him at another event. Will Bissell showed up to Premises Park not having skipped a beat from The Finals in October and secured 2 nd place with his creative line choices and high-speed runs.

He’s so fun to watch. Always in a constant flow with very few mistakes. The 2021 Finals event winner Chris Thunstrom has all the tricks but had an off day. Flairs he lands on the daily, the gap to double peg and the truck-180 disasters all seemed to say no to him this weekend. I would love to see Chris’s completed run versus Dusty’s completed run…I’m guessing the scores would be pretty darn close.

The new 31-39 Men’s age group needed a home this weekend as a few of the riders couldn’t make it to the Premises. We grouped Andre Pendleton and Rick White in with the Masters Men and that made for a great comp. We scored them as two different classes, but the riders were extremely close. We’re looking forward to the rest of the 31-39 Men to compete as this was the most requested class addition of 2022…. Andre and Rick, 1 st and 2nd at Premises.

Finally…the Experts. A promotion, some fresh faces, an attack of the Bruno Bros, a few series newcomers, one son of The Lord, the gypsy, and the local shredders. What does all this mean? Read on, my friends….

Expert Men Results

1. Jared Weidower

2. Chase Bruno

3. Zhean Lafitte

4. Kole Voelker

5. Adler Cromer

6. Tyler Bruno

7. Tyler Hill

8. Arlo Hadley

9. Colin Akerman

10. Sean Curliss

11. Reuben Barlow

12. Blake Osborne

13. Matt Mecher

14. Nathan Glade

Of the 14 Experts who entered, 5 of them were new to USA BMX Freestyle. Simple math (meaning what I typed into google) tells me that 35% of the class were fresh faces…with one of them taking the whole Enchilada (my fav meal). But let’s dive into the details…

Jared Weidower rides a really fancy-looking Hyper, and his riding style matches the fanciness. I’d never seen Jared ride in person, and let’s just say his video clips do no justice. Hoping this dude goes to more events…. he could probably enter a UCI Elite event and place well. DO NOT SLEEP on the Bruno Bros…they are ruthless and energetic. Double flips, flair transfers, and 360-flips were just some of the madness they threw out this weekend. Both rode amazing, and rightfully so, as they were doing it for their pops Brian Bruno who passed away just a week or so prior to the comp. Hey Bruno Bros…if you’re reading this, your dad is proud. He may have left early, but he did an amazing job with you two, and his spirit will live on. Chase nabbed a 2 nd place, and Tyler a 6th. Tyler was on target for a podium finish, but a couple of slight errors derailed that quest. Keep an eye on Tyler…. he’s good. Rounding out the podium was Zhean Lafitte (who should be added to the cool name crew). If you’re old like me, you know of Lord Voelker. An absolute legend and staple in the BMX world. Well, the Lord had a kid, and that kid is Kole Voelker… who’s created a legend status all of his own. For over a year now, we’ve been hoping Kole would enter a comp. The stars aligned, and Kole showed up to the Premises and dropped jaws. Don’t let the 4th place fool you. Adler Cromer is a good rider. Like, really good. Add in the local status, and that has all the makings of a top finish. A couple of foot-downs kept him in 5th, but at any time, he could win at Premises (or any other park, for that matter).

Honorable group mentions- Tyler Hill is new to our series and has the coolest dreads I’ve ever seen. He’s a master of big tricks, and when his runs click, he should be holding the heavy hardware. Arlo Hadley and Sean Curliss both can win this class. Straight up. They are easily good enough to walk away with wins, but small errors have gotten in the way. I’m waiting for one (or both) of them to complete the run they designed. When that happens, they’ll be on the top step. The 2021 Series Champion in the 15 and Over (now 15-30) age group Colin Akerman promoted himself to the Expert Class and looked on track to make his way to the podium. But a solid 9th was all he could capture for the day. He was overheard saying, “I got humbled today. I’ll be better next time”. That’s kind of scary for the rest of the class. We’re looking forward to seeing him in Round #2 at Woodward West, a place he’s won twice at. The gypsy Reuben Barlow quietly showed up to the Premises with a new bike and a haircut. We didn’t recognize him. Reuben is a traveler at heart, and nothing ever seems to get in his way. Don’t have a ride from the airport? Not a problem…he’ll build his bike and ride there (he’s ridden 20+ miles to the comp on his bike). If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the clip of Reuben (accidentally) upside-down on the far wall at Premises. He’s got big tricks, and when they land, the crowd roars. An 11th on the day for the one we all admire. Blake Osborne and Matt Mecher had some flashes of brilliance only to be overshadowed by crashed or feet off the pedals. Both are series newcomers, and we’re stoked to have them in the series. 12th and 13th on the day, but we think a Top 5 is where they belong when the runs are dialed. Nathan Glade ended his podium streak with two crashes at Premises Park. This Oregon resident had an off day because we’ve never seen him crash…let alone 2 times in one day.

That’s all for this installment of “let’s let Tony D ramble on about the comp.” Please be sure to support those who support us. Hyper Bike Co, Snafu BMX, Mongoose Bikes, Free Agent Bikes, Vans BMX, Dans Comp, Fit Bike Co, ODI Grips, and of course, Kink BMX! All these amazing brands support us in a way that we’re incredibly grateful for.

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