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Zach Haas Wins Spinner's $500

The Spinner train keeps on rollin' and Zach Haas is officially on board.

Mike is continuing to award the rider who does the trick that stands out to him the most at each stop of the 2023 USA BMX Freestyle Series with $500. From stop four at Woodward East, the honor and cash went to Zach for a tech combo on the box.

Spinner - a former resident of Woodward East - had this to say about his choice:

“I love tech tricks. I did more technical tricks in Lot 8 than I rode the resi. Tech tricks in the middle of a run should be worth three times the points!”

In addition to taking home the cash, Zach also placed third in the Expert class.

As a competitor, Mike was known as one of the most innovative park riders in the history of the sport. He hopes to fuel the next generation of shredders to stay motivated and pushing boundaries with this award.

He will be watching Stop 5 in Salt Lake City, Utah closely and looking to make another rider $500 richer!

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