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X Games 2023 Results

X Games 2023 went down this past weekend in Ventura, California and, for the first time since the drastic changes in COVID-times, it feels like the event is officially back! Check out results and highlights below -

Real BMX Best Trick

GOLD: Colin Varanyak

SILVER: Brett Silva

BRONZE: Garrett Reynolds

4: Jordan Godwin

5: Johnny Raekes

6: Nathan Williams

7: Mike Guth

8: Lewis Mills

9: Matt Ray

10: Brad Simms


GOLD: Ryan Williams

SILVER: Morgan Wade

BRONZE: Jaie Toohey

4: Daniel Sandoval

5: Mykel Larrin

6: Andy Buckworth

7: Mike Varga

8: Kaden Stone

9: Zack Warden


GOLD: Brady Baker

SILVER: Ryan Williams

BRONZE: Logan Martin

4: Brian Fox

5: Dawid Godziek

6: Mike Varga

7: Jaie Toohey

8: Andy Buckwroth

Dirt Best Trick

GOLD: Ryan Williams

SILVER: Kaden Stone

BRONZE: Dawid Godziek

4: Jaie Toohey

5: Andy Buckworth

6: Brady Baker

7: Mike Varga

8: Daniel Sandoval

9: Jake Leiva


GOLD: Jose Torres

SILVER: Kevin Peraza

BRONZE: Logan Martin

4: Justin Dowell

5: Dennis Enarson

6: Kieran Reilly

Dave Mirra's Park Best Trick

GOLD: Kevin Peraza

SILVER: Kieran Reilly

BRONZE: Daniel Sandoval

4: Brady Baker

5: Jeremy Malott

6: Mike Varga

7: Justin Dowell

8: Ryan Williams


GOLD: Kevin Peraza

SILVER: Boyd Hilder

BRONZE: Garrett Reynolds

4: Devon Smillie

5: Felix Prangenberg

6: Colin Varanyak

7: Alex Donnachie

8: Chad Kerley

9: Johnny Raekes

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