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Vintage Nationals: Bike show & Race


The new USA BMX HQ in Tulsa hosted their 1st ever Vintage Nationals & Bike Show recently, racing around a classic "Indy World Champs-like" course, with a rubber-band start, small hill, a flat concrete and asphalt course, scattered with old school wooden ramps. In all, there were ten classes - with many riders signing up for multiple bike divisions.

Mingling among the crowd were special guests - Hall of Famers Mike Dominguez and Harry Leary; both Diamondback legends. Scattered amongst the parking lot were tons of BMX icons and even some sweet classic BMX Vans - including Oklahoma's very own House of Wheels van, which is currently being restored by Kenneth O'Brien. Parked on the inside of turn two, the van doors were wide open with an impressive assortment of 8-tracks being cranked from the roof-mounted bullhorn speakers.


The vintage vibe kicked off in staging, where the Ping-pong ball habitrail would provide lanes for each rider. Once lined up on the grassy knoll start hill, gate starter Scott Shope (the GM of this new HQ) would snap the rubberband and off they'd RIP. Once riders blasted across the entrance road, they'd quickly hit the wooden first jump, launching themselves and their old, heavy bike up onto the concrete plaza, blasting the first flat sweeper with a left foot out. Upon exiting the turn, they'd careen into the Yamaha Gold Cup-inspired waterjump from 1974.