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Vintage Nationals: Bike show & Race


The new USA BMX HQ in Tulsa hosted their 1st ever Vintage Nationals & Bike Show recently, racing around a classic "Indy World Champs-like" course, with a rubber-band start, small hill, a flat concrete and asphalt course, scattered with old school wooden ramps. In all, there were ten classes - with many riders signing up for multiple bike divisions.

Mingling among the crowd were special guests - Hall of Famers Mike Dominguez and Harry Leary; both Diamondback legends. Scattered amongst the parking lot were tons of BMX icons and even some sweet classic BMX Vans - including Oklahoma's very own House of Wheels van, which is currently being restored by Kenneth O'Brien. Parked on the inside of turn two, the van doors were wide open with an impressive assortment of 8-tracks being cranked from the roof-mounted bullhorn speakers.


The vintage vibe kicked off in staging, where the Ping-pong ball habitrail would provide lanes for each rider. Once lined up on the grassy knoll start hill, gate starter Scott Shope (the GM of this new HQ) would snap the rubberband and off they'd RIP. Once riders blasted across the entrance road, they'd quickly hit the wooden first jump, launching themselves and their old, heavy bike up onto the concrete plaza, blasting the first flat sweeper with a left foot out. Upon exiting the turn, they'd careen into the Yamaha Gold Cup-inspired waterjump from 1974.


20” pre-1976 1st Brian Tabor (Pabst Blue Ribbon) 2nd Rusty Roberts (Race Ready) 3rd Chris Dolson

20” Suspension 1st Mike Savage (Crit) 2nd Dale Riley (Mayes Co. BMX) 3rd Charlie Long (CBL)

20” 1976-1979 1st Randy Pittaluga (Mongoose) 2nd Cash Mathews (Mathews Motocross)

20” 1980-1984 1st Mike Savage (Crit) 2nd Turbo Harry Leary (DB) 3rd Dee Chips

20” 1985-1989 1st Brian Tabor (Pabst Blue Ribbon) 2nd Dylan Dixon 3rd Dale Riley (Mayes Co. BMX)

20” 1990-2000 1st Alec Bob (USA BMX Foundation) 2nd Dylan Dixon 3rd Jason Crouch (Ssquared)

Cruiser pre-1985 1st Brian Tabor (Pabst Blue Ribbon) 2nd Jonothan Hoag (Daylight) 3rd Tim Strange (Strange Motion)

Cruiser 1985-’92 1st Tim Schaffer (Premiere Racing) 2nd James Stone

Cruiser 1993-’00 1st Dale Riley (Mayes Co.) 2nd Adam Scott 3rd Jonathan Cornish

TROPHY DASH WINNER 1st Alec Bob (USA BMX Foundation)


Along with the racing action, there were over 180 vintage bikes on display for the Vintage Bike Show - with quite a few tents set up for the vintage BMX swap & sale. Among the most talked-about displays was the huge RV and trailer that pulled in from California. It was Redline's newest afficiando, Rob Lane, who brought his immaculate and pricey collection of 30-plus Redline's. Joining Mr. Lane, was another Mr. Don Lane, who also loves Redline's - and believe it or not, is un-related. Next to all of the Redline's was the King of Torker's - Dave Ramey, who also owns an amazing collection of Supercross'es, and at the edge of the parking lot were the many Texans who'd drove up with trailers and trucks loaded with their most prized possessions. The legendry Lopez Bros. - owners of some of the most dialed in Cruisers known to mankind, were present and accounted for, as well as Rusty Roberts and Tim Schaffer with their impressive assortment of BMX history.

Thanks to Oklahoma's M.O.T.O.S crew, judging commenced and with over 180 bikes to look over, it was a tough task to narrow down the ten winners. (Even longer to tally up the scores!). But in the end, the following collectors were announced and handed their killer gOrk-designed/MJT-made Awards:

16" Pit Bike - DG pitbike / Tony Lopez

20” pre-1976 - Redline Monoshock / Rick Gayton-Rob Lane

20” 1976-1980 - Redline Proline / Rob Lane

20” 1981-1989 - Redline MX II / Rob Lane

20” 1990 & up - Kastan / Tim Schafer

Freestyle pre-1991 - Redline ProStyler's (tie) / Don Lane

Freestyle 1991-up - TNT "BoobieTrap" / Brian Tabor

Cruiser pre-1980 - Powerlite 24" / Tim Schafer

Cruiser 1980-1990 - Patterson 24" / Tony Lopez

Cruiser 1991-up - Supercross / Dave Ramey

BEST of SHOW - Diamondback Turbo / Harry Leary

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