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USA BMX Foundation Announces Partnership with OSU Medicine

The nonprofit wing of USA BMX, the USA BMX Foundation, announced this morning a partnership with Oklahoma State University, bringing medical services to the USA BMX National Headquarters and the USA Cycling BMX National Team. With a focus on support and growth of athletes, OSU Medical is investing in BMX to learn and strengthen the bond between bike and body.

“Having access to OSU’s medical services is going to allow our athletes to take their performance to the next level,” continued Jamie Staff, USA Cycling's High Performance Director of BMX Racing and Freestyle. “When you’re an elite performer, it’s the small things that make the difference. Making sure you’re healthy, fueling your body right and keeping your muscles in the best condition possible based on the training phase you’re in are all critical to performing at the highest level. Having OSU there to help us with that aspect is going to be game-changing for our National Team.”

This partnership will not only support elite-level athletes but also the local racers at Hardesty National BMX Stadium, USA BMX Foundation Campers, and the RISE Program participants. With high-level onsite care for any situation, this partnership looks to be the model for furthering the Sport of BMX and perfecting the off-track recovery and preparations crucial to BMX.

About Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University, located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, is one of the nation's leading public research universities. Its Department of Sports Medicine is a leader in the field, providing comprehensive care to athletes and active individuals and conducting groundbreaking research to advance the science of sports medicine.

About USA BMX Foundation

The mission of the USA BMX Foundation is to build confidence in youth through STEAM education principles in unison with the hands-on experience of cycling to instill teamwork, exploration, mobility, discovery, and physical fitness for life skills

The Foundation offers myriad programs for youth, parents, and educators programs that all focus on STEAM education through hands-on, project-based learning concepts, in which young students are learning new ways of seeing science, technology, engineering, and math, all through the lens of a BMX bike.

More information about the various programs the USA BMX Foundation offers can be found here.

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