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USA BMX and STACYC Stability Cycles are excited to announce the 2023 STACYC World Series schedule. Now entering its third year, the STACYC World Series looks to give kids ages 3 to 7 the ability to capture the dream of racing on STACYC Stability Cycles at USA BMX tracks across the country.

Seven action-packed events will lead to the STACYC World Series Final in September at the Hardesty National BMX Stadium in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we will crown six new champions.

USA BMX and STACYC are excited to share the love of riding with these eight great cities in 2023.

2023 World Series Schedule

March 18th: San Diego, CA
Located just north of San Diego is the number 1 BMX Track in Southern California and home to many STACYC rippers. San Diego BMX will host stop number 1 in conjunction with the USA BMX freestyle series occurring just down the road at the Krause Family Skate & Bike Park.

April 22nd: South El Monte, CA
Located less than 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles inside the 1,500-acre Whittier Narrows Recreation Center, we are excited to bring the STACYC surge to Whittier Narrows BMX.

May 12th: St. Cloud, FL
For the second time in STACYC World Series history, St. Cloud BMX will host stop number 3. The 2021 showing of this series stop saw the toddlers of Monster Energy Supercross riders Christian Craig and Zach Osborne.

June 3rd: Desoto, TX
Stop four will take us to the “Big Top” in Texas. Located just east of Dallas, Desoto BMX is home to one of the first covered BMX tracks in the country. With lots of STACYC Jams occurring around the Dallas area, we know this stop will bring heavy competition to the center of the United States.

June 24th: Charlotte, NC
USA BMX is more than excited to bring the nationwide excitement of STACYC Stability Cycles to Hornet’s Nest BMX. Families will enjoy the atmosphere of one of the longest-standing BMX tracks in the country, located just north of the metropolitan Charlotte area.

August 19th: Grants Pass, OR
Nestled along the Rogue River in Southern Oregon, River City BMX will host the second to last stop of the tour. With a newly relocated track and a state-of-the-art facility, the STACYC shredders will have a blast racing here.

September 2nd: Durango, CO
Durango BMX will host the final qualifying stop of the 2023 season. In true grand finale fashion, this event will be part of the 30th-anniversary celebration of the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally. Each STACYC participant will become a part of history as a 30th-anniversary rally participant.

September 15th-16th: Tulsa, OK
For the 3rd time in history, the STACYC community will rally around participants from around the country as they make their final qualifying chance and effort at the championship race for the bragging rights of world champion! On Friday, the racers will have one last opportunity to gain a score or improve their scores before competing in the championship event on Saturday.

At each event, riders earn points toward the final year-end rankings. Riders must have at least two National scores to obtain a year-end ranking and plate, calculated using a rider’s best two series finishes plus their finish at the world championship race. Riders will compete in the respective age category based on the day of the race. To see the complete rules and entry information, visit

This series is a grassroots chance for kids and their parents to come out with their STACYC Stability Cycles and experience the thrill firsthand of what USA BMX tracks have to offer. It is a family's opportunity to join in the fun and excitement of casual but competitive racing on a real BMX track.

The entire team at STACYC is thrilled to watch these Little Rippers from across the country compete in the STACYC World Championships. STACYC, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, is a fun, upbeat kids’ brand passionate about creating new riders by “Sharing the Love of Riding.” As a young, growing company, STACYC is proud to deliver a "first-to-market" category-creator with its E-Drive Stability Cycle.

USA BMX is a subsidiary of ABA. Established as the American Bicycle Association in 1977 and headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, ABA is the nation’s largest cycling organization. ABA offers racing and freestyle events at more than 300 sanctioned BMX tracks across the United States and Canada. ABA empowers and elevates the early stages of bicycle development by creating opportunities through facility development, programs, and national events. As a result, ABA has developed a structured blueprint. A cyclist can progress from humble beginnings on a balance bike or STACYC Stability Cycle to becoming a BMX Olympian by establishing these roots.

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