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Tulsa Predictions

The second year at the home of American BMX. The USA BMX National Headquarters is ready to welcome the Pro and Amateur classes back to Tulsa for a battle-heavy weekend under the Hardesty National BMX Stadium roof. With three National days for the amateurs and two National days for the Pros, the talk of the town is who will find the front of the pack and come out of Sunday’s race day with the Stars and Stripes of the USA Cycling National Championship Sleeve.

a big weekend ahead of us, here's what to watch:

  • Who has the first jump dialed? Is your favorite big hill racer tagging their back tire or catching the perfect backside?

  • Second straight. Both sides are big with must-jump lines, who can stay low for the dough and make moves going into turn two?

  • Keep an eye on the Haro boys. Anthony Bucardo, Kam Larsen, and Ethan Popovich have been putting in the work in Tulsa with a lot of preparation. Haro colors will find the podium this weekend the question is on what step.

  • Payton Ridenour is fast in Tulsa. As the local Olympian, Ridenour has had more track time than anyone. While we aren’t counting out the 10x champ, the P-nut is ready to battle.

  • WOOOOD. As the sight of his first big hill win, Cam Wood is looking to follow up his 2022 win with a 2023 win. Currently, in second place, just 5 points behind Joris Daudet, Tulsa could be the ignition to Cam Wood’s title fire.

  • He wasn't on our list in Rock Hill but we aren't making that mistake again. J-Smooth is fast and he proved it throughout the USA Cycling camp. Expect main events and get ready for a podium from Jeremy Smith.

  • A French Connection is brewing with Daudet and André. Both are fast and both know how to get onto the podium.

  • USA and AUS go head to head. Both with training camps in Tulsa the past week, the two National teams have been playing a game of track tag but the two combine for racing at Hardesty.

  • Izaac Kennedy is on the hunt. Currently, in third place in the points, Kennedy returns to the sight of his first USA BMX win to climb the Men Pro points

  • Ms. Consistent Felicia Stancil looks to break a streak and climb to the top of the podium. While 2nd and 3rd place finishes have put her in the Women Pro points lead, the time is now for a fast main event lap.

Make your predictions now because it’s almost race time in Tulsa!

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