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The Signature Sylvains

"3 back, 2 up. For racers that don’t make s*** up"
-Sylvain André

Signature bars are back with Tangent Product's Flat Irons getting a Frenchie flair. A flatter twist on the popular Flat Iron bars, Tangent products makes the "in the know" product official for one of their longest #tangentequipped riders on the circuit, Sylvain André.

"A new flatter bend we worked on at the request of Sylvain Andre. We've actually been producing this bar for a couple years for those that were "in the know," but after demand has increased we can't keep them a secret anymore. So we introduce to you the official "Sylvain Andre" signature bar. Same premium quality production as all of our FlatIron bars just a bit flatter on the backsweep."

The Specs

FlatIron62 8” @ 28" Wide 3° Back 2° Up

Two-piece 13 Butted Construction • Heat Treated Post Weld • 16mm Crossbar • Tangent Graphics

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