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The Desert Destroyer Preps for Tulsa

Following her breakout performance at the 2021 Grand Nationals, Daleny Vaughn rode into the 2022 season with a new drive, and it's shown as she charges her way to another race week in Tulsa. With social media covered in her SoCal training sessions, we called up the defending Pro Show winner to hear how her #GrandsPrep has been going.

Big races equal big goals and big expectations. Vaughn and her coach Tyler Brown want to repeat the Women Pro win, and Vaughn said it with all the confidence in the world, "I want to do it again."

Training in San Diego since before the Fall Nationals in Bakersfield, CA, Vaughn is under coach's watchful eye to make sure every effort is at its full potential, and any errors are corrected right away. With that coaches eye on each of her laps, we've also seen Daleny chasing down training partner Anthony Bucardo and Tyler Brown on social media.

"In solo sessions, you feel like you're going as fast as possible when you could be going faster, but when I'm chasing down Tyler and Anthony, I can find that new gear and fight to stay with them. It really just gets me ready for that race mode. And that just makes race days that much easier."

The speed that has been produced at both San Diego BMX and Chula Vista BMX goes back a decade, as the Chula Vista Horsepower Hour was popularized by Brown and Sam Willoughby. While SoCal may not have the number of pros it once did, we're proud to hear the Horsepower Hour lives on with the Vaughn, Bucardo, and Brown training group.

As we talked and asked Vaughn questions, the Grands track build became a distraction over the phone, so of course, we had to breakdown the layout and what lines we thought were going to arise over the week, but once we got back on track, we wanted to know what advice the third-year pro would have for those amateur girls coming into Grands. Her main advice? Just enjoy it. Enjoy the environment of the Grands. From its atmosphere to the friends and to the racing itself. Goals and expectations are great to have but to do well; you have to have fun first and foremost.

With only 6 days until racing goes down for the Desert Destroyer, Daleny Vaughn sets out next week for a family road trip from Tucson to Tulsa with Corben Sharrah and Kyle Jensen in tow. An annual road trip where she not only prepares to race herself but joins fans while cheering on her hometown crew as they battle with TUCSON roaring through the arena.

With thanks to her sponsors for keeping the dream alive and to her support team for keeping her ready to race, the PULL BMX crew is excited to see the 31 bike battle for back-to-back Grand Nationals wins during the Friday Night Show.


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