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The 2022 Grands Build - The Dirt Diary

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Eight days. That's all you get when building the track for the largest BMX Racing weekend of the year. Track builders, rack masters, and quad packers work non-stop to build and create a BMX track for all skill levels to race through.

This year we bring you a daily diary. What was accomplished, what went wrong, and what is the current focus of the crew as they fight the clock to practice day. Follow along and stay tuned to be updated daily.

The Plan

Monday, November 14th, 2022

Dump day: Countless truckloads and endless rumbles echo through the SageNet Center. The first loads are dropped onto an empty slate as track builders Billy Allen and Lance jump in their loaders, ready to do what they do best. BUILD.

With the first straight-changing orientation for 2022, marking out the gate to the second turn was step one. Pushing turn one all the way back to the support poles, the first turn would have to wait, but turn two was a different story. Wasting no time, buckets were moving dirt to never be seen again. The 2022 Tulsa Turn was born.