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Terrible Ten Returns- Gen XIV

After an almost four-year hiatus, the Terrible Ten returns to identify the next amateurs to take their racing to superstardom in the pro class. Ever since 1983, being named a member of the Terrible Ten for a particular year has been one of the highest honors in the sport.

For 2023, identifying the 14th generation of Terrible Ten racers has proved extra difficult as the 15+ age groups are stacked to the brim. Imagine this: 50 of the top amateur racers charging to the first turn; which 10 gets their first? While pure speed is important, more needs to be considered to finalize the TT roster. NAG/NAT standings from the previous year, National wins, USA BMX, and World titles, plus the ability to concur the big hill racing that brings Elites to the Olympic level, are all factored in.

The Terrible Ten list has historically been highly debated throughout BMX, and in an effort to get as many perspectives as possible, the PULL BMX staff turned to former Terrible Ten racers, current team managers, and USA BMX staff members to compile the best of the best contenders.

An important note is needed; The Terrible Ten is made to debate. Blast the Facebook groups, share the list in your favorite Instagram group chat, and feel free to put together your own list. Just like BMX Action said in 1986: "To all other amateurs out there who didn't make it up to the top of the list, and maybe think you should be in here - PROVE IT." We at PULL BMX are fans of you all and want to be proven wrong the next time we see you on the track.


Generation XIV - Expert Boys

Cedric Cade

17-20x - Las Vegas, NV

Cutter Williams

17-20x - Potomac Falls, VA

Drew Polk

17-20x - Avon, IN

Ethan Popovich

17-20x - Valparaiso, IN

Josh White

16x - Kingman, AZ

Peter Elizondo

17-20x - Bakersfield, CA

Sean Day

16x -Tacoma, WA

Thomas Maturano

17-20x - La Roija, VEN

Tomás Palmezano

16x - Medillin, COL

Tyler Henry

17-20x - New Smyrna Beach, FL


Generation XIV - Expert Girls

Alexis Alden

15-16x Girls - Peachtree City, GA

Ava Corley

17-20x Girls - La Mirada, CA

Danica Anderson

15-16x Girls - Lancaster, CA

Derin Merten

15-16x Girls - Tempe, AZ

Esja Shriver

17-20x Girls - Lakewood, CA

Grecia Cristodulo

17-20x Girls - Houston, TX

Jacy Moore

17-20x Girls - Port Orchard, WA

Manuela Muñoz Velez

17-20x Girls - Cutler Bay, FL

Savannah Stokes

15-16x Girls - Las Vegas, NV

Sophia Rodriguez

15-16x Girls - Bend, OR

End-of-year NAG ages used - Names listed alphabetically.


But who's the next crop of athletes on the horizon? With the next generation honing their bike skill on flats, the 2023 edition of the Terrible Ten comes with the new Flat Pedal Fifteen. A collection of boys and girls who dominate their classes and have already impressed race fans and caught the eyes of PULL BMX. Be on the lookout for these young tikes to be ripping their flats into the Grand Nationals limelight later this year.

Chase Burian

Cody Young

Henry Leners

Isabella Smith

Jemma Tollefson

Logan Lee

Lorenzo Idarraga

Malia Alvarez

Mariana Peña

Max Meinel

Preston George

Sawyer Smith

Stella Rodriguez

Vida De Vira

Wyatt Christensen

End-of-year NAG ages used - Names listed alphabetically.


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