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Smith and Ashley Get Hyper

A legacy brand in BMX is returning to the racing scene with two superstars rocking their white and orange jerseys. From the brand's inception, grassroots BMX and family values have been at the forefront, and their expansion will bring the Hyper logo back on track in 2024.

With a heavy Freestyle presence and the leading supporter in the USA BMX Foundation RISE program, Hyper brings on 2020 Golden Crank Pro of the Year Jeremy Smith and 2022 National No.1 Girls Cruiser Lily Ashley to their already impressive BMX family.

Both racers have been familiar faces on the USA BMX National Series, and now, as the leading faces behind the Hyper race team, both Smith and Ashley have a unique opportunity to showcase the brand's racing resurgence.

Charging to her goal of another National No.1 title, Ashley will be hitting the track on the new Hyper Mission 2.0 and we expect to see Smith on a Mission 2.0 as well. In the meantime, he is hitting the Pro series stops on a pure white frame and fork with Hyper logos on the top tube.

With a huge selection of bikes in the Hyper Bicycles catalog, we are excited to see Smith and Ashley enjoying their new sponsor on and off the track.

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