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Ray Hudson talks 2023 Radium

Upgraded and improved simplicity is the name of the game for FLY Racing in 2023. The new bicycle-specific Radium line from FLY Racing takes the tried and true technology and upgrades features to keep racers in mind on race day. We sat down with long-time racer and FLY Racing rep, Ray Hudson, to get all the deets and ideas behind the new 2023 line of race gear.

Photo via FLY Racing // Rider: Barry Nobles

Legs are our motor, and we all want the pants protecting them to be as comfortable and durable as possible. The 2022 Radium line did exactly that, but as always, FLY Racing took it to the next level to improve the durability and longevity of the 2023 line.

“Last year, we went to a little lighter-weight material. It’s super comfortable, it breaths well, and even on those hot days, you have airflow coming in. Some improvements from last year to this year with the 2023 version, were we reinforced the knee. We put some vinyl patching around the knee and got rid of some of the vent holes down there, just areas that tend to snag or get caught on something and tear, so we patched up the knee, and it has a nice look to it, but it will also help with durability.”

Hudson also elaborated on the changes to the youth sizes as they look to beef up the durability.

“We’ve refined the lower part of the leg and tapered them down as well as getting rid of the mesh on the back of the little kid pants. You know, flat pedals are sharpening up so kids’ feet aren’t slipping but mesh and sharp pedals don’t tend to mix. Really the biggest change from last year to this year is we’ve refined the pant, especially in those youth sizes.”

Features like two pockets for phones and wallets, as well as ventilation in the legs and hips for airflow, continue the comfort of the Radium series, while the added vinyl strengthens the durability for those racers who put in bar-to-bar racing each week throughout the season. Competitive, lightweight, and comfortable are the three must-haves that FLY has integrated into their BMX-specific pants, making the 2023 Radium line must-haves going into Grands and the 2023 season.

Speaking of must-haves, the new Mesh gloves from FLY Racing are the must-have gloves that have changed the game in comfortable and minimalistic race gloves. Matching the pant and jersey designs, the Mesh gloves are simple in their look while utilizing fabrics that are easy to wear throughout long track sessions. With bright and flashy gloves still available with the Kinetic, Evolution, and Lite series, the mesh glove give racers breathability matched with a sleek look, dawning a single “FLY RACING” along the side. As the go-to handwear for Ray Hudson, National No.1 Amateur Sean Day, these gloves are a perfect match for any kit, especially the 2023 Radium line.

From pants to gloves to jerseys, FLY Racing is sticking with simple and durable for 2023. Keeping with the popular trend throughout the years, the 2023 Radium jerseys follow the colorways of the pants, but bicycles are getting their own designated jerseys for the first time.

“This is the first year we’ve done a bicycle-specific jersey, we’ve always used the moto jerseys with the bicycle pant, so this is the first year we actually have a Radium jersey that matches the Radium pant for bicycles. It’s a two-tone, upper with one color and lower with a different color, and that always seems to do well."

Looking back at some of the past FLY Racing designs, the bright and flashy designs have been refined and molded into today’s simple and sleek look, with pops of flair released as special edition kits.

After talking to Ray and getting to hear the full thought process behind the 2023 line of Radium gear, the designs are what caught our eye, but the tech and thought behind the product is what has us ready to cop a pair from one of the Grand Nationals vendors.

Which pair tho? We are thinking of a wombo combo matching up our two favorite colors with the black Radium jersey paired with the red Radium pants. To tie it all together, the grey Mesh Gloves and red Werx-R Carbon Helmet complete the kit for a comfortable and long-lasting session throughout the 2023 season.

Check out all the latest gear for your 2023 season on FLYRACING.COM

Photo via FLY Racing // Rider: Anthony Bucardo

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