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Pros get down in BAKO - Metro BMX

The time has finally come. The final stop before the big show. Ten months and 27 National events have led us to this final showdown of last-ditch point grabs and all-out battles with both pro and amateur racers alike. Who would come out of Bakersfield victorious, and who would be right to #GrandsPrep for the Tulsa redemption? The BMX world would soon find out.

The regular season finale each year brings a wave of emotion to the series. If you were to put episode 179 of Seinfeld, a tying game 6 of the World Series, Season 8 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones, and the stunner left jab before the KO right hook into an event; you would have the Fall Nationals at Metro BMX.


First up on the moto board the pro battles that locked new racers into the title chase. The return to Metro also brought the return of the small hill for the Men and Women pros, although the action was anything but small. With Olympians and World Champions loading into the gate, speed and skill combo came early for all as the pedal manual up the first straight camel was a speed boost if performed cleanly and a speed breaker if bonked. For Mongoose’s Cam Wood, that speed boost was shown in each of his three main events growing his lead with each catch of the pedals down the first straight. In a heated battle on both Friday and Saturday with Current National No.1 Men Pro, Joris Daudet, and SpeedCo/Avain’s Izaac Kennedy, Wood showed his small hill speed to the class as they race into Tulsa and the title hunt. Wood has definitely shown the BMX world his potential, and another looks to do the same in Women Pro.