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ODI x Vans get a new look

The fan-favorite BMX grip is getting an upgrade with Vans waffle technology at the helm. The updated look and lock-on system brings that ODI Grip function with the new Vans tech that the BMX world has seen on recent BMX-specific shoes.

"Two California Originals have teamed up to bring you an updated version of one of your favorite grips. The new Vans v2.1 Lock-On Grips feature a new single-clamp design for simplified installation and an updated waffle pattern for better comfort and control. The grips are constructed from ODI’s proprietary Soft Compound materials and are available in six awesome colors with custom checkered clamps in coordinating colors. This modern take on the Vans grip adds updated features to the classic design while still providing the rider with the distinctive feel that they have come to love."


  • The updated Vans waffle pattern provides improved padding on the palm side of the grip

  • A new mini flange that protects hands without interfering with handlebar components

  • It has a soft end that offers improved comfort on the out end of the grip

  • Slim 31mm outside diameter

  • 135mm Grip Length fits most bar set-ups

  • Each grip color comes with a color-coordinated limited edition clamp

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