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Nolan Cardwell's New ride and Journey

Watching Pro/Am practice at this past weekend's Blue Ridge Nationals, we squinted our eyes and scratched our heads while asking ourselves, "Who's the new Reggies rider?" Showcasing his speed out of turn one, the Blue & HighVis of 1985 National No.1 Bike Shop looks good on Cardwell. We shot a few questions over to the new Men Pro to get his thoughts on the new team and new season.

What drew you to Reggie’s

I was around the Reggie's team and pit here and there this past year and really enjoyed the environment and people. When I was offered a spot on the team, it felt like a no-brainer.

With the Factory to Bike Shop switch, what are you hoping to bring to the team and the brand?

I’m hoping to help grow the brand and help the team meet its goals this year.

As Houston approaches fast, what is your pre-season training looking like?

Preseason was cool, I was able to race 2 of the Florida Pro/Ams to stay fresh racing while also getting my feet wet racing some pros.

What are your goals going into the 2023 season?

My goal going into the season is to not get moto'd, LOL. I really don’t know where I’ll stand in the pro class, but I’m motivated and ready to see where I stand and get better and better.

The Pro/Am class is a big buzz amongst the amateur side of the sport, is that class joining your schedule with the pro series?

I’ll be racing some of the Pro-Am races, I think this class was a great idea and opportunity for amateurs to mix it in and get some cash and experience.

What is the 2023 plan?

My plan for the year is to hit all the races I can, whether Pro race or just Pro/Am. I want to experience as much racing as possible in my first pro year.

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