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Mike "Redbone" Redman

The BMX world will miss one of the greatest announcers of all time. He’s been a part of our local nights, our national travels, and our international fandom. Now he will be in our hearts forever. Mike “Redbone” Redman passed away today.

His knowledge of BMX, his role as a pro racer, multi facility track operator, and announcer to some of the greatest riders in the sport's history made his voice one of the most iconic memories for riders from every decade. His presence in the sport has also made a lasting impact on the industry from across the world to his world in SoCal.

“It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I must share with all of you my friends that my dear friend, Mike Redman, passed away today due to complications from a stroke suffered earlier this week. His immediate family and a few of his closest friends were able to be at his side these past few days, and his loving adult children, Austin and Tallon, were with him as he passed peacefully. Of course, so many of you know well or have at least heard of his immeasurable love for and contributions to BMX—an absolute legend who was arguably the greatest announcer in our sport to multi-championship winning factory team owner, independent frame builder of Redman Bikes to track operator of Mike Redman’s Grand Prix BMX where on any given Sunday the world’s top elite racers could be found. As a trainer, they also came to Redman—not because his was the closest track or even the best track but because Mike understood what made a great BMX racer and he knew how to share that magic with each individual rider, from the most novice of riders to the most esteemed Olympic gold medalists. They all sought out his wisdom and knowledge but most importantly they sought out his friendship. That was the real magic of Mike Redman — his ability to give his love to everyone — EVERYONE — and everyone — EVERYONE — loved him in return. In closing and on a deeply personal note, Mike was truly my best friend. He taught me everything I know today about the sport and accepted me into an orbit that only the most rarefied in the sport of BMX could circle. Daylight would not ever have existed if not for Mike’s gift of friendship to me. It’s impossible for me to think of a day going by without picking up the phone to hear his voice — that incredible voice that we can at least still hear on every starter’s box on every BMX gate around the world. I take solace in knowing that he’s still circling all around me and my family and forever will be. Andrea, Judson, Hannah, Abbie, Levi