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Josh Mclean - Ready to Race

Josh Mclean has become a familiar face throughout the USA BMX Pro series, from hole-shotting the first main at the 2020 Grands, winning his first US National at Music City BMX in 2021, and continuing to rack up wins throughout this season. We sat down with “Mac Attack” as he comes into the Greatest Race On Earth, leading the Men Pro points and making his second run at the title.

The Men Pro Points leader since the Stars and Stripes Nationals, you were in the title hunt last year, but this year you’re coming out in the lead. Tell us some of those things you want to tick off in order to stay in the lead and get it done.

“At this stage, just making it to the night show will be better than last year. Actually getting a chance to fight for it, unlike last year, going out early in the quarters. Just improving on that, really.”

Preparation-wise, where have you been getting ready? We’re assuming Tampa?

“Yep! Been out at Tampa BMX, just been keeping quiet and to myself. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling, went back home for the first time in two and a half years, then went to Colombia, and just everything going on, I had a pretty busy two months, so for the last four to five weeks I've just stayed away from everyone, I just stayed in my own little bubble.”

Well, you’re here. You’re at Grands in your Full Tilt/Radio tent. Is there anything specific you’re focusing on to get it done and hold that silver cup this year?

“Just focusing on myself, really. Not worrying about anything, just focusing on a couple of key points that I have set for myself that I think will help me the most out the whole weekend.”

Is anything new debuting on the bike or in the kit for the big race days?

“Everything’s the same, It's just a new frame and some new parts, but they’re all the same that I’ve been running all year.”

Let’s talk about the track. Just from looking at it, what are your opinions?

“I don’t mind it, it is a really short first straight, but that's alright. It’s a little different, and I like how they went for a different layout this year. Obviously, I haven’t ridden the track yet, but it doesn’t seem like anything’s too technical out on the track but its pretty hard to come up with something new after so many years. I think the only thing I could say is to make some of the jumps a little different shape from one side to another to even it out with the shorter first straight, but other than that, I’m excited it looks great."

Win or lose, night show or out early, what are the plans for Josh Mclean in 2023? Have you even thought about that yet?

“Not really, I’ll probably stay with the American circuit, It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and it was always up there in my top list of races to go to. I might try to do a little bit less racing next year just to try and space things out and plan things a little bit better. Outside of that, just do what I’ve done this year. Just keep racing; I enjoy it.”


Follow Mclean on social and stay tuned to see how "Mac Attack" fairs at the

2022 USA BMX Grand Nationals.

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