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Jack Davis: From the Sidelines to the Winner's Circle

Our main man, Speedo. The #85 bike of Jack Davis exploded into the limelight this year as he charged into the season USA BMX season opener in Houston. Since then, it's been a roller coaster of a year with injuries, training sessions, and his first win at this latest stop of the USA BMX Pro Series. Meet the Aussie that’s ready for the next level, and don’t forget to read his answers in your best Australian accent.

A passion will take you a long way, but for the Davis family, the leap of faith to move countries and make BMX his career brought Jack to the Florida shores to transition into a US local.

JD85: “So I came over as a first-year Elite. I was 18 at the time, and my first race was actually in Nashville. So that was my pro debut, and I ended up doing pretty good there, I actually made both my Mains. I got a fifth and a seventh, I think, that weekend. And then that was kind of the highlight for the year. I kinda went downhill from there. But obviously, I've been back and forth coming over to the US since seven years old. I specifically remember mentioning it to my parents, like, I wanna go over there and live. I think Sam really set the example. He came over here and, obviously, started killing it. So that was always the goal, and for us, you know, it’s the US dream. And so to get over here and back in 2021 when I was, yeah, 18, 19, we sort of decided we're gonna send me over here for a few months at a time and really get on the race scene.”

“And yeah, just sort of tested the waters out, and that was the year that I decided that I wanted to move to Florida. I came over here for my worlds prep and spent time staying with Joey Leto and and Evan Schaeffer and doing my Worlds Prep over here. And I really liked it. So that was when we decided we wanted to make the move here, and so we made that happen last year, and it's been exactly one year that I've been in my place. It's been quite an adjustment, but I think I'm settled now, and yeah, I mean obviously really enjoying it.”