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HOT action in Longview, TX

The Lone Star State did not disappoint. It brought that glorious Texas sun, amazing BBQ and gave us the generous city of Longview. Local legends Brian Dodson and Morgan Wade (you probably recognize that name) were given an opportunity: Find half the money and Longview will provide the other half (and a tennis court) to build the dream action sports park. Brian Dodson and team met the challenge with their fundraising efforts and shortly thereafter, Morgan Wade and his team of builders created the Dodson Action Sports Complex. If you have the chance to ever visit eastern Texas, please do yourself a favor and visit this Park. It's almost as amazing as the City of Longview itself was.

We're going to let the photos and live stream do the talking for us. From the 8 and Under class to the UCI Elite Pro's the event at Dodson was amazing and we can't wait to visit again in 2023.

Special thanks to the town of Longview for their hospitality, Raising Cane's of Longview for the yummy meals they provided us and of course all you riders of USABMX Freestyle for joining us on this epic journey.

If you haven't already, tune into USABMX Freestyle YouTube channel to watch the Live Stream of the event. You won't be disappointed.

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