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CT Sidehack Mania

Sidehack mania hit the 2023 Connecticut State Series with Pilots and Monkeys looking for that old-school rush of adrenaline. With three wheels and four feet, the spectators of the Connecticut Final got a show with four duos going for the overall title.

Using Bob Warnicke races and the State Qualifiers as their regular series stops, the racers took their best 3 out of 4 Warnicke and best 3 out of 4 Qualifiers into the Finals showdown. The team on top? Team Ramp Fam with Dylan Barker and Trevor Cooper.

Series Organizer Joe Doherty brought the idea from an 8-year-long fundraiser in his local Connecticut community where he showed off his Sidehack. With this new addition to the state series, he hopes to bring more people to the three-wheeled fun.

“I’m also hoping that with this exposure, other states may give side hacks a try; I’m sure they’ll have fun with it. The crowd really enjoyed it, and like myself, the teams raced Expert and Cruiser as well, so we were all pretty worn out but still very much smiling and high-fiving!” -Joe Doherty.

The Series Final standings

1st - Team Ramp Farm

Pilot - Dylan Barker

Monkey - Trevor Cooper

2nd - Team DDR

Pilot - Joe Doherty

Monkeys - AJ Torizzo/Liv Smith

3rd - Team War Dogs

Pilot - Shane Wehner

Monkey - Billy Verbanic

4th - Team Nasty Nasse’s

Pilot - Manny Nasse

Monkey - Fallon Nasse


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