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Cash for Podium$ with Odi and Connor Fields

Teaming up to support the future of BMX racing, ODI and Connor Fields present the CFP (Cash For Podiums) to support UCI Junior and U23 athletes during the 2023 season. With an emphasis on building the rising stars of the sport, the CFP combines ODI technology with Connor Fields' experience to bring results and cash to those a part of the program.

"As ODI and I sat down and mapped out plans for this year, we came up with the idea of the CFP, and we couldn't be more excited about it. I can remember the early days of my career when I was racing Junior Elite and how exciting it is to begin earning your first paychecks from racing. I also remember how hard it can be to make the transition from racing at the amateur level to the pro level and all of the challenges and expenses that come along with that. This is my way of helping inspire, support, and give back to the athletes that are taking on the challenge of transitioning to race at the highest level. Good luck racers, and go get some cash!" - Connor Fields

Program Overview

The CFP (Cash For Podiums) program is designed to support the next generation of racers as they progress towards representing their country on the international stage and, eventually, in the Olympics. Much like the CF Grips, the program pairs the racing expertise of Connor Fields with the renowned product innovation of ODI and provides the opportunity to get paid for your results. We are looking for motivated and talented young riders who are serious about racing and are looking to advance to compete on an international level."

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