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Carnage Carnage and more Carnage

The beauties of BMX & YouTube are the gems that pop into our feeds. The procrastinator's perfect getaway, BMX videos dating back to the conception of the sport.

Every once in a while, a thumbnail/title combo catches the eye and finds its way into the bookmarked section of our browser. This is that video...

Filmed and edited by Roy Winkelman, the compilation simply titled "Bmx Crashes" has big explosions, bar-bending takeout, and pack-collecting slideouts that will keep you entertained even on your 20th viewing. Enjoy

Chock full of gems, Winkelman's YouTube page also features a Nic Long 17-18x highlight reel that has us hyped for the work he's currently doing with The Captain. Capturing the storyline of the Longs and showing Nic's career from past to present, the documentary is coming to its final filming days, so now we wait to experience the glory that is Nic Long's career and Roy Winkelman's filming.

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