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Cam Wood rides in style with new Sponsor

The Montana native has made his name known throughout the BMX World as the new hotshot from the USA, and with that growing presence at the top of the podium come sponsorship deals. Breaking out of the "normal" sponsor mold, Cam Wood has partnered with Ressler Motors Chevrolet into the 2023 season. Saying on a recent Instagram post,

"So excited to announce my new partnership with@resslermotors@chevrolet heading into 2023! Having spent most of my life in Bozeman, I still consider it home. It is an honor and a privilege to represent a pillar of the community in what I consider my hometown. #406 #communityborn #communitydriven"

With any car dealership sponsoring a top racer in sports, some of the first comments on social after the initial congratulations are the "Show us the new ride" and "What whip you getting" comments that had us thinking. Let's bet on what ride Cam Wood shows up in for his next training session.

Cam's New Chevy

  • Colorado

  • Equinox

  • Silverado 2500

  • Tahoe

No matter what Cam's new whip will be, the domination we've seen being cultivated through the years has him at the forefront of people's race day predictions in the Men Pro Class.

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