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Cam Moore Joins Zeronine

Going viral for his fast feet, bumping bars with the Elite class, and now joining one of the OG brands that built BMX, Cam Moore is excited to join the Zeronine squad.

What drew you to Zeronine? I met Kevin last year in Rock Hill, and we really hit it off. We both have like-minded, ambitious goals for this season, and I’ve always loved the brand, number plates, uniform, and Zeronine streetwear. Not to mention their bikes look and ride phenomenally.

With such an iconic brand in BMX, what are you hoping to bring to the Zeronine team and brand? I’m hoping to bring in some great results on the USABMX and World Cup circuits, as well as become a mentor for the younger riders on the team. We have a great group for 2023 that I’m very proud to be a part of. As you continue to be a content creator in BMX, what are come first in your mind, social content or YouTube creation? In the past, I’ve been a lot more of an Instagram guy because it doesn’t require nearly as much time to create content, but this year I’ll focus a lot more on growing my YouTube. I feel like the bigger your YouTube is, the bigger your other social media accounts become.

What are your goals going into the 2023 season? My main goal is to have fun and enjoy the process. If I’m having fun and putting in the work, I’m setting no limitations on what I can achieve and feel I can be one of the top guys in the sport. The Pro/Am class is a big buzz amongst the amateur side of the sport, any plans to chop it up with some of the young guns preparing for the pro class?

Absolutely! I think it’s a great addition to the USABMX circuit, and you’ll see me in numerous Pro/Am events throughout the season.

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