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Bike Check: Ryder Santos' RIFT

A major player on the team that took home the 2022 & 2023 Golden Cranks, Ryder Santos’ 2024 race rig features a few upgrades via Profile Racing. With red accents off the Gray/Black RIFT, Santos is taking his Bike of the Year to the top in 2024. Take a closer look at the 16-year-old's RIFT ES20D.

The BUild

Frame: Rift ES20D Pro XXL

Fork: Tangent Faction Carbon Pro Tapered  20mm              

Bars: Tangent Flat Iron 7.5”                

Grips: Tangent Contour Grip 130mm

Stem: Tangent Pro Split ll 40mm                                  

Headset: Tangent 1.5                 

Rims: Tangent Turbyne 1.75 Carbon Disc                                  

HubFront: Profile Elite 20mm 36 Hole

HubRear: Profile Elite ISO 36 Hole w/Titanium Driver

Front Tire: Tioga PowerBlock 1.75 Front

Back Tire: Tioga PowerBlock 1.60 Rear

Tubes: Reviland Blue Bubble 20” Pro-Elite

Cranks: New Profile Elite AL 175’s

Bottom Bracket: Profile BSA-30

Gearing: Tangent 4 Bolt 43t Chainring with Profile 16t Elite Steel Cog

ChainringBolts: Tangent

Clipless Pedals: HT T2-SX                                 

Chain:  Shimano HG71                

Brakes: Shimano XTR w/ 120mm rotor

Lever: Shimano XTR                                   

Seat: Tangent PC Combo Saddle w/Post                

SeatClamp: Tangent 31.8 Quick Release               

NumberPlate: Tangent Ventril3D Pro

SidePlate: Tangent 2” Numbers

Extras: Tangent Titanium Stem Bolts

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